When I was a kid, I was fascinated by my Dad’s mini-cassette recorder. It was a pocket-sized recorder, bigger and heavier than most of today’s digital cameras. It used these cute little cassette tapes to record up to 15 minutes of sound on one side of the tape. I used it to make my own hilarious (in my 8-year old mind) voice skits. I’d post some of the material here, but the humor doesn’t quite transcend the generations. My Dad used it to make voice notes on his way home from the office. And now by using VR+, you can make your own recordings on your BlackBerry Pearl or 8800.

VR+ : Voice Recorder for BlackBerry

The application is very easy to use. Just launch it and it asks if you want to start recording. Say yes, and off you go. The main screen shows 3 buttons, record, play, and stop. Push them to, well, record, play, and stop.

Record Screen
Main Record Screen

When you are done with a message, you can save it to your device. The filename defaults to a date and time, but you can change it to be anything you want. Afterwards, and here’s the really cool part, you can send your voice message as an mp3 in an email attachment.

Sending Recorded Message with Email
So now, in the updated version of my Dad’s recorder, you can send your brilliant thoughts to yourself, or to your secretary, or to Bob in Marketing. Or you can send an audible I love you to your wife (Awwww). Or a message from your kids to their grandparents.

The voice recording and playback feature is actually free, but if you want to send your files out via email, you’ll need to purchase the full application for a one-time fee.

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