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Unique Autosport Pocket Pouch

I'll be the first to admit, I am not always as careful as I should be with my BlackBerry 9650, and this is probably a large part of the reason that I continually look for a case to put on the device. While I have explored options such as the Otterbox Commuter, and a few others, often times I prefer the feel of a naked device, which leaves me with the issue of how to protect it, when not in my hands and being used. The predicament I was in led me to think that maybe a leather holster was the best bet, and the Unique Autosport Pocket Pouch was the one that jumped out at me.

What To Purchase

Unique Autosport Pocket Pouch

While many look to the standard BlackBerry leather pouch, I was looking for something a little different, and something with a little more of its own flavor. The Unique Autosport pouch looked to offer the same protection of the OEM pouch, with its own patterns, and sleek look. The big advantage I found that this pouch offered that others don't was the fact that it had a quick access pull tab, which allowed for easy removal of the device from the pouch. Though the price was higher then the standard leather pouch, I decided to go ahead with the order.

Initial Thoughts

Unique Autosports Pocket Pouch

When the case arrived, I was extremely anxious to take it out and see how it felt on the device, but first thing I noticed once unpacking it was that unlike the OEM one, this one felt very firm. I was a bit skeptical, as I thought it would make it harder to insert and remove the device, but I figured it needed to break in. Inserting and removing the device the first couple of times was a bit difficult, the fit was rather firm, but that is not always a bad thing, as this meant I would not have to worry about the device just falling out of the pouch. Quickly the pull tab became a good friend of mine, as it certainly made removing the device a lot easier.

The Good & The Bad

Unique Autosports Pocket Pouch

The device fit nearly flush with the top of the case once it was fully inserted, which was a good thing for protection, but it was killer for me since I could not see the LED to know if there was a message or not. This was a pain for me, but was not enough to end use of the case, being as I just set it to vibrate, and began to use reminders for messages.

Pros -

  • Form Fit
  • Appealing design
  • Easy removal with tab

Cons -

  • Inability to see LED 
  • Difficult to insert / remove at first


Unique Autosports Pocket Pouch

Overall, if you are looking for a replacement pouch for your OEM, or just simply looking for a stylish way to protect your BlackBerry device, the Unique Autosport pouch is a great option. While adding protection, and keeping a rather slim profile to the device, the pouch allows users a professional, yet fun look to the holster which carries their device. If you are in the market for a new pouch be sure to head to ShopCrackBerry.com and grab one for your 9650 today!

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