TXTLater for BlackBerry

Confucius once said, "...The weakest ink is better than the strongest memory." And if you are anything like me...

  • Forgot to call family or friends on that special day?
  • That important email the boss wanted you to forward to your clients...ever slipped your mind?
  • Missed an important conference call just because you forgot all about the time zone difference?
  • Needed to send a calendar entry with appointment information to remind somebody about the upcoming meeting, 4 hours before the meeting starts (i.e. CES meet the CrackBerry team fronting the Bellagio fountains)

If you answered, "yes" to even one of these questions, then TXTLater is worth looking into. Read on for my thoughts on this very helpful app. Decide if you need the help of TXTLater like I did!


SKAN DbyDx Software's TXTLater allows your BlackBerry Smartphone to schedule SMS, email, and calls to be sent/invoked later, at a specified date and time. TXTLater works exactly like your native BlackBerry messaging application, but with one HUGE kicker...it affords you the ability to automate your SMS and Email messages for future message delivery. TXTLater also allows you to schedule upcoming/future phone calls at chosen dates and times.

TXTLater for BlackBerry


  • SMS message scheduling
  • Email message scheduling
  • Future Call scheduling
  • Fully automate process of sending messages on a specified schedule (date/time)
  • Multiple SMS/Email message recipient integration


I have had this app for some time now, and rarely have I taken advantage of its many useful functions. Though, I must admit, TXTLater saved my a$$ on more than one occasion this past year. (Shhhh...now do not go blowing this up on the blogs, and hopefully the Mrs. does not read this particular review.) Anyway, here it goes...

...Earlier last year, I scheduled texts/emails for two (2) big days via TXTLater. The first was my wife's birthday. It being so close to Christmas, I nearly forgot about it (ladies...I know...I know...please no hate mail/blogging...I said NEARLY forgot). In any event, luckily I scheduled a "Happy Birthday" text (via TXTLater) at exactly 12:01, so I could be the first to wish the love of my life a Happy Birthday. With that, TXTLater also sent out an automated email to all of her close friends and family reminding them of her "surprise" birthday party, which was being held later that evening. Without TXTLater, I would not be able to send out ALL of those birthday emails/reminders without raising suspicion. Surely, I would have gotten the 3rd degree..."why I was on my BlackBerry so much on her special day?" and/or "what I was up to?" Guys, you know what I'm talking about...

The second lifesaver was my anniversary. Luckily, I scheduled a loving "Happy Anniversary...XOXO" type of text (also done earlier in the year) to the Mrs. Simultaneously, a scheduled automated email went out to my florist; ordering flowers to be delivered that day. Needless to say, TXTLater saved the day...on BOTH occasions!

TXTLater for BlackBerry TXTLater for BlackBerry


Priced at a whopping "FREE-ninety-nine," TXTLater (ver. 2.1.1) takes up 182 KB, and requires device software 4.2.0 or higher.

TXTLater for BlackBerry TXTLater for BlackBerry



  • Price (FREE!!!)
  • Send an SMS, EMAIL, or initiate CALL at the selected date and time
  • Integrated with your contact book, calendar, and messaging user interface (text/email)
  • Detailed delivery reports of all past messages
  • Immediate tech support response (a pleasant surprise)


  • Device has to be powered-up/On for automated SMS/Email to be sent
  • Updates are few and far between


TXTLater gets Aloha Joe's coveted 5 out 5 surfboard rating.

Aloha Joe SurfboardAloha Joe SurfboardAloha Joe SurfboardAloha Joe SurfboardAloha Joe Surfboard

I would recommend TXTLater to both business and consumer CrackBerry addict(s) alike. At the bargain price of...free, TXTLater is a must have for your BlackBerry arsenal of apps. Have a TXTLater story to share? Leave your comments.

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