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With the start of a new year, I decided that I wanted to keep tabs on everyone's birthdays & anniversaries so I could send a card (and on time for once) or a text at the very least. I've been manually entering everyone's special days into my address book as well as setting a reminder in my calendar. As you can imagine, it has been a bit time consuming. Today I was introduced to the BlackBerry application ThinkOfMe. At the price of a $1.99, I decided to give it a try. The creators over at 4People Software have saved my fingertips! ThinkOfMe was one of the Regional Selectees in the 2010 BlackBerry SuperApp Challenge and I can see why others love it so much.

The application automatically pulls 1 birthday, 1 anniversary, and 4 custom fields from each contract record and display them in a list for managing your events. The custom fields allow for a spouse or children's birthdays, other anniversaries or holidays such as "Mother's Day".

When you click on an event, the application will prompt with the option to SMS, call or email the contact to wish them well.

This comes in handy when trying to remember birthdays for all my nieces & nephews. ThinkOfMe notifies you with a pop up on your screen on the day and time you set. The list view of upcoming birthdays/anniversaries even shows what astrological sign that contact is (not very important but a neat little added feature). ThinkOfMe works regardless if the application is running in the background or not. I used the app on my 9670 and didn't notice any difference in my battery life.

Think of me lists

ThinkOfMe is easy to use and requires just a few steps to set up. Once you download and install the app, you can open the Preferences and set the following reminders/options: 

  • On/Off - turns the reminders on or off
  • Time - what time your reminder should pop up
  • Days In Advance - how many days in advance you'd like to be reminded
  • Safety Reminder - a 2nd reminder will pop up if you haven't contacted the person within a few hours of the 1st reminder
  • Ask For Birthday Settings - you can customize a message or use the default to be displayed when you request birthdays from your contacts. Once the person responds, ThinkOfMe will automatically add the date to your contact's information. 

ThinkOfMe is currently supported on OS 4.6, 5.0, and 6 for all BlackBerry devices (Touch & Non-Touchscreen). More features are currently in the works so go download it today from the links below, and never miss a birthday again.

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