"Do you hate bluetooth headsets that keep falling out of your ear? The Max 4x bluetooth headset is a great, lightweight alternative to making hands-free calls on the go"

In Short:
"Good quality bluetooth headset, with great noise cancelling technology"

Should I Buy?
"If you are one who doesn't like in ear headsets, this is definitely one to try out."
Car and Driver Max 4x Bluetooth Headset

I drive quite often, taking wee ones to school or to their activity locations etc and at the same time I have to keep in touch with the home base to make sure other members of the family are keeping with their daily routine too. That means I'll have to be on the phone at certain times while I'm on the road, so it requires me to own a bluetooth headset. Bluetooth headsets have not always agreed with me, mainly because they never sit in my ear properly and fall out a lot, even with trying them out with the different sized plugs that come in the packaging. Also, the fact that I wear glasses means it doesn't play nice with the piece that goes around the ear. I came across the Car and Driver Max 4x Bluetooth Headset and thought I'd take them for a drive. Keep reading to see how they faired.

The Review

The first thing I noticed when putting them on was how lightweight the headset was. Although, these are not full headphones, I have owned a few pairs where they would start to hurt a little after prolonged use due to them pushing on my glasses. The Max 4x is the perfect weight and fit for me that I could use them comfortably for a good part of the day. I have found that I use indoors too. Apart from writing my CrackBerry posts, I have to look after a full house so I can still actively do those without having to stop when taking a phone call. It does remind me of the time I used to work in a call centre due to the design of the headset but like I said, I went with this headset purely because I haven't had much luck with the 'usual' design. The adjustable head piece also allows me to get the perfect fit.

Max 4x Bluetooth Headset packaging contents

What about the sound quality? It does a pretty good job. The noise cancellation feature works awesomely both when I'm outside in the car or when indoors. I can hear the person in the other end clearly. However, there have been times when the person on the other end of my call has said I sound far away, although they could still hear me. The boom mic does not adjust to come closer to the mouth, it only swivels vertically so there was no way to fix sounding far away unless I spoke louder, which isn't always a good thing. The Max 4x comes with a few buttons. The Function button, which acts as the on/off button as well as the make call/end call button. There are also volume keys and they also have other functions. I do like the fact that there is a mute function, this can be achieved by pressing the two volume keys simultaneously during a call, this comes in handy sometimes. Voice dialling is also supported though this isn't a feature I use a lot. I probably should use whilst in the car but I haven't used voice activated dialling for a good ten years and I'd feel a little weird trying to use it.

Max 4x Bluetooth Headset

Full features of the Max 4x are:

  • MAX 4x" Technology blocks 4 times the external environmental/ambient noise
  • Compatible with most Bluetooth Enabled Phones
  • Handsfree and wireless
  • Call Waiting and 3-Way Calling
  • Voice Activated Dialing
  • Touch-button volume control
  • One-touch call answer/end & redial
  • Over-the-Head design with Boom Mic fits comfortably on either ear
  • AC/DC Chargers included
  • Balanced and lightweight only 1.5 oz.
  • Uses a rechargeable Li-polymer battery for long life and usage
  • Approximately 8 hours of in use time, 250 hours of standby time
  • Working range is approximately 30 feet between the paired Bluetooth devices

Overall, the Max 4x Bluetooth Headset has served me well. I use it a few times and week and haven't looked at other bluetooth headsets since I got these. My only complaint would be that some people have said I sound too distant. It's not a major thing as people still understand what I am saying. I could also add a tiny niggle and say that the fact that they are so lightweight could make them a little too fragile to keep in a bag with bigger items inside.

Car and Driver Max 4x Bluetooth Headset

The Good

Lighweight, over the head, bluetooth headset that offer great noise cancelling technology, voice activated dialling and mute function.

The Bad

Some people on the other end of the call have complained that I sound distant. May be a little too fragile.


In ear headsets have never agreed with me, the Max 4x is a great alternative to those like me. They are comfortable and lightweight. The design is also great for those with hearing aids.

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