Oh so important you, is too busy and too oh so important, to have to search for a contact in your address book or find a specific application to load up from your download folder. You know, because you’re oh so important. Kidding. It is quite useful to have short cuts available to help you easily contact someone or schedule a meeting. There may be a situation where that split second does make all of the difference. Besides the shortcuts that your BlackBerry already sports, there are a few applications out there that help take this option further. We have taken a look at a few of these in the past; namely ShortcutMe and QuickLaunch (winner of CrackBerry's 2009 Productivity App or the Year Award!). A new player has emerged recently, named SuperLaunch. The application is designed to make routine actions more accessible and quickly executed. These could include: Google searches, bookmarks, memos and speed dialing.

Now SuperLaunch does look similar to another popular application. The buzz in the forums seems to confirm this as well, but I’ll touch on that later. For now, let’s take a look at SuperLaunch and what it will do for you.

About SuperLaunch

SuperLaunch is brought to you by Swoosh Software LLP. The company is also behind the alarm and timer app SwooshAlarm and the contact managing SwooshContacts. Hmm, maybe they should have called it SwooshLaunch instead. The application was recently updated to version 1.02, which has a file size of 124.7kb. OS requirements are a bit confusing, as Shop CrackBerry has the minimum requirements listed as OS 4.5, yet the OS section lists 4.2+. If anyone is running an older OS, let us know if SuperLaunch is working for you.

Those who know similar shortcut apps will notice that SuperLaunch looks nearly identical to QuickLanch. Even their rocket ship logos look similar. Check out the forums for what others are saying about this.

launch menu

SuperLaunch “launches” a list of commands that either be anchored to the left or right side of the screen. Like most shortcut apps, SuperLaunch is best assigned to a convenience key. Initially, the application gives you the following options:

New – obscure title, but its submenu prompts you to add a new appointment, contact, email, memo, PIN, SMS or task.

Calendar – its submenu allows you to view today, tomorrow, the week, the month, your agenda or create a new appointment.

Search – this option allows you to search Amazon, Google, Wikipedia, Dictionary and IMDB.

Web – access to Amazon, BBC News, CrackBerry, DIGG, Expedia, IMDB, Kayak, MobiHand and Wikipedia.

SuperLaunch also puts your BlackBerrys Messages, Contacts, Browser Camera and Calculator one click away. In addition to this, the device info section lets you see your OS version, PIN, battery level and temp, signal strength and free memory. Of course, a shortcut app isn’t a shortcut app unless it offers some sort of personalization options. Users can add, edit or move entries for each item on the list or even remove entries if your needs ever change.

managing shortcuts

device info


Like QuickLaunch, SuperLaunch offers quick access to multiple actions wonderfully. The look of the application makes users feel as though it is (and should be) part of the BlackBerry OS. If I were to compare the similar applications, I would go with QuickLaunch. My reasoning is, though pricing is the same, QuickLaunch offers even more features including; camera shutter muting, device reboot and multi-click convenience keys. If you want to check out SuperLaunch, you can pick it up from the CrackBerry App store for $4.99 and has a free trial available.


  • Customizable shortcuts
  • Device info on demand


  • Eerily similar to QuickLaunch

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