SplashShopper for BlackBerry

The work week has just begun and I already can't wait for it come to a close! Yet even when I leave the office on a Friday, the weekend doesn't begin just then. I still have a lot to do before I get home. I have to drive over to the grocery store to pick up stuff for dinner. But which store, and how much does everything cost? Oh, then it's off to the dry cleaners. Was I supposed to pick up a movie for tomorrow night? I can't remember. Some days you may find your schedule so hectic, that your native MemoPad and Tasks applications are simply not enough. It's time to take back control of your errand ridden adventures! SplashShopper from SplashData may help you stay organized and shave time off of your shopping trips.

You can sync shopping lists on your BlackBerry and Computer or choose to use the BlackBerry application as a stand alone. With SplashShopper you can see your lists by item, the store they can be found at, and the price. As prices rise on everything, including BlackBerrys *cough- Rogers- cough*, this application could help you remember where to buy items for the best price. Are you an early Holiday season shopper? Before you jet off to the mall, why not see if SplashShopper will be a valuable companion?

Make a Splash While Shopping!

You may recognize the SplashData name, and you should. I reviewed SplashMoney and SplashID earlier this year. I've been pleased with both titles in the past, let's see if SplashShopper lives up to their reputation. According to our ever-open CrackBerry Store, this application is compatible for the current OS line up, ranging from 4.0 to 4.7. SplashShopper requires 2MB of memory to snuggle into.

The Main Menu, where you can add/delete/modify countless lists.

The main menu displays lists of numerous categories you may be shopping for. These categories include; groceries, music, clothing, and travel checklist. Sample entries for each category will show how your own entries will appear. To make sure this application is pertinent to your wants and needs, you are able to add/delete/edit categories. You may have noticed that there isn't a slot in your BlackBerry available for you to shove your scribbled lists into. There is work required here folks, but trust me, it's worth it. The more information you can add for each entry, the better the application will work for you.

Let's take a look at the features, focusing on one category so you won't feel overwhelmed. Opening up the Groceries category, a preloaded list of items to buy appears. They layout is easy to read, even with just a glance. All of the items can be edited to specify which store you choose to buy it from, which aisle, their price, current coupons and more. I remember going grocery shopping with my Mom when I was a wee lad. She would whip out zillions of flyers and would have written lists with various notes scribbled about. I wish she had SplashShopper back then, it would have given me more time for cartoons.

mmmm Chicken Wings

Take a look at the top right corner of the screen above. "All" and "Need" are the two views available in SplashShopper. Think of "All" as the generic view and the "Need" more of your actual shopping list.

The All View

The Need View

To select items to add to your Need view, scroll through the items with your trackball. Once you have found an item to add, open the menu and select "Mark as Needed", and a shopping cart will generate next to the item. A shortcut to selecting items is to simply press the enter button, and the highlighted item will be added to the list. Switch over to the need view and you have a checklist, ready to shop! An easy way to switch between the two views is to press A for All View and N for Need View.

As you pick up items, you can check them off. The checkbox is easier to manage than attempting to draw a straight line through the items on a written list. Typically, there are items you need and purchase on a regular basis. You can manage these "scheduled" purchases by creating a Quicklist. Quicklist may be a stretch, as trying to create one takes a while on your BlackBerry. My Berry seems to hang for a dozen seconds or so when trying to initially set up a Quicklist. Due to this bug, I find myself relying on the Need View instead of the Quicklist.

If you find entering all of the information on your BlackBerry hard on your thumbs, remember that you can use the desktop companion to create your entries and then sync them with SplashShopper on your BlackBerry. SplashShopper also allows you to customize your viewing experience, complete with colour selection and font size. Another way to customize your view is of course, to sort by specific columns, for example; sort by Store name, price and item.

make SplashShopper work for you!

Checking off the last item

Though it may be time consuming at first, you will soon see the benefits of using SplashShopper. No more sorting through hand written lists or deciphering quick notes made in your native MemoPad. I can see this application to be a must have for those trying to shop with children. I love my son, but I pray that he doesn't become a grocery store gremlin we all occasionally see. The application is quite easy to use one handed (once you have entered all of the information you may need). SplashShopper is available at the CrackBerry store for $29.95. If you would like to try before you buy, there is a trial available. Hey, once you buy it, you can even manage a future CrackBerry store shopping list!


  • add, delete or modify an unlimited number of lists
  • manage sorting columns including Store name, and price
  • check off items as they are picked up


  • software lags when trying to create Quicklists