Photo software is one of my favorite applications. Putting pictures on your BlackBerry has never been easier with all the great software choices out there. We’ve previously reviewed two other applications: Ascendo Photos by Ascendo Inc., and BerryPix by Collaborative Network Technologies. And now there is a new entry in the photo viewing category: SplashPhoto by SplashData.

Although it has just come to BlackBerry, SplashPhoto has been available for other mobile platforms for some time. This seems to be reflected in the software’s mature look and feel.

There are two components to SplashPhoto, a desktop picture manager, and the picture viewer that resides on the BlackBerry. The desktop component is used to import and organize your photos for transfer to device. You can import pictures using a file browser, or more simply, you can drag and drop pictures on your hard drive into the application to import them. The drag and drop feature makes it very easy to import pictures.
SplashPhoto Desktop Photo Manager

Once you have added your images, you can crop, zoom, and adjust contrast levels in your images. The desktop tool works well and it has a very professional feel. After your images have been loaded, they will be available to your BlackBerry the next time you run the Intellisync process in the RIM Desktop Manager.
Edit Image
SplashPhoto Desktop Photo Editor

On the BlackBerry, the photo viewer shows you all the pictures that you have imported. You can create categories for your pictures and view them in a slide show. You can set a time interval for transition between images during a slide show ranging from 2 to 30 seconds. Or for those who prefer more control, you can set it to manual and just thumb through the images at your own pace. This is my preferred method. The only feature I couldn’t find was a way to select the transition effects between pictures during a slideshow.
View Cats
SplashPhoto BlackBerry Thumbnail Browser
Splash 2
SplashPhoto BlackBerry Slideshow
Slideshow View
SplashPhoto BlackBerry Menu

SplashData has brought a very solid application to the BlackBerry platform. It works well and is a breeze to use. It retails for $29.95.

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