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SOTI Pocket Controller Pro BlackBerry

Just imagine you're on your work or home computer and you get an incoming text, email, BBM, tweet, etc. Normally you have to stop what you're doing and pick up the phone. With SOTI Pocket Controller-Pro for Blackberry there's no need to even look away from the screen. It's as easy as pressing the ALT-TAB keys to switch from one application to another. Pocket Controller by SOTI Inc. connects your device to your computer via USB or Wi-Fi and, voila, instantly use your keyboard, mouse and monitor to remotely control and view your smartphone in real-time.

About Pocket Contoller-Pro for BlackBerry

Pocket Controller is an amazing productivity tool developed by SOTI Inc. who crammed not just one, but ten functions into their software. Besides being a remote control, it can record screenshots and video, view tasks running in the background, check device status (including memory and battery levels), synchronize, transfer and view files, show service books, reset your device, and print screenshots.

BlackBerry App World Rating: 4/5

Using Pocket Controller-Pro

Pocket Controller-Pro is comprised of two components: the BlackBerry application and the Desktop software. After installing the device application (147kb) it will ask for an email address to send the link to the desktop software (20mb) or download directly from their site at www.soti.net . Currently, there is no support for MAC users.

After installing, locate the shortcut on your desktop, start the program, and click on the big green connect button and choose between USB and Wi-Fi. Personally, I couldn't get Wi-Fi to work so I chose USB, plugged in my device, and connected in seconds.

SOTI Pocket Controller Pro BlackBerry

When connecting for the first time, it will download your device's skin (i.e. device model avatar). It takes some getting used to but it's not that hard to adjust.

SOTI Pocket Controller Pro BlackBerry

The only downside is the skin cuts off at the bottom so I had to reduce the size by fifty percent to see the entire device. However, if you disable skin view the BlackBerry screen itself fits the monitor. This mode is perfect for training, presentations, and my personal favorite, BlackBerry Messenger.

SOTI Pocket Controller Pro BlackBerry
SOTI Pocket Controller Pro BlackBerry

The only expression I could muster is wow, my BlackBerry looks cool on a big screen.

SOTI Pocket Controller Pro BlackBerry

Navigating with the ribbon toolbar

The toolbar employs a ribbon interface with quick-access icons, which at first glance, is similar to Microsoft Office and very easy to use. It is divided into four tabs: Home, View, Capture, and Buttons.

Home: instantly access the utility features including system information, tasks, and syncing. 0

SOTI Pocket Controller Pro BlackBerry

View: manipulate your device's appearance. Users have the option of hiding the toolbar, rotating the view, or replacing the desktop with a background color of your choice.

SOTI Pocket Controller Pro BlackBerry

Capture: want to know how developers get screenshots of a device running their app? Look no further than this tab. Here you can record, save and even print out what's on your device.

SOTI Pocket Controller Pro BlackBerry

Buttons: better known as the remote control tab. I rarely used this as my laptop's keyboard and mouse worked fine. Although it comes in handy when skin mode is disabled.

SOTI Pocket Controller Pro BlackBerry


  • Control your BlackBerry remotely from your PC
  • Four day free trial
  • BBM on a large screen
  • Presentation and training capabilities - no need for additional accessories
  • Quickly access applications with mouse and keyboard
  • Type messages using the keyboard - no more thumbs or dirtying your touch screen


  • Price
  • Screen cuts off - no scroll ability
  • Slight delay between device and computer
  • Restart only turns device off and on
  • Device application runs in background


This is an impressive application and I've been using it nonstop to text friends and send emails. While the price is a little high, when you think about all the built-in functions, the time it saves you, and that you're buying PC software, it's definitely worth the investment depending on what you'll use it for. Business professionals could use this for presentations on the go, companies could train new employees or take screenshots when writing manuals and consumers will love the freedom it affords by using their keyboard to compose texts, emails and BBM's.

SOTI Controller-Pro for BlackBerry is currently available at the CrackBerry app store for all devices running OS 4.6+ for $35.99.

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