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SPE Car Charger 

Have you ever been on the road with a dead BlackBerry? It's no fun. No phone calls, no FaceBook, no Twitter, no Vlingo Safe Reader to read your emails and texts aloud to you. No nothing. For a BlackBerry enthusiast (the proper term is "addict," but enthusiast sounds so much better), this is a horrible situation. The solution: get a car charger. Ah, but which one; there are so many.

The Smartphone Experts Micro-USB Car Charger with USB Port is a mouthful of a name, but it filled a need I didn't even know I had. The car charger is your basic unit that plugs into the car's power adapter - sometimes called the cigarette lighter. It even glows blue when plugged in. The other end attaches to any device with a micro-USB port. This includes the BlackBerry PlayBook, Torch, and Bold devices to name a few.

In addition to the charger plug, you also have access to one additional USB port to charge many, many other devices. Just the other day, I found both my BlackBerry and Bluetooth headset in desperate need of charging. I grabbed the tiny USB charging cable that came with the headset and my BlackBerry and headed out the door. After about an hour in the car, both were good to go.

For multiple charging options on the go, you can't beat the Smartphone Experts Micro-USB Car Charger. A decently long cord, glowing blue indicator light, and the additional USB port make this a must-have for any BlackBerry user on-the-go.

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