When it comes to protection one of my trusted brands has always been Seidio. I admit to being rough on my devices which is why a case is a more of a given rather than an accessory. Whether it was the Innocase Active for my BlackBerry Torch 9800 or the ACTIVE for my Bold 9900, there's no question that Seidio offers the quality and durability to make sure my BlackBerry stays in one piece.

Since the release of the extended battery, the one complaint at the time was the lack of a compatible case. In my review, it was also a concern because of how hefty and bulky the device became. While the battery allowed me to go wherever I pleased without carrying around a spare charger, using a generic leather holster was a pain to use and not a long term solution. Seidio promised a case was in the works and the SURFACE Extended Battery Case and Holster is finally available.


  • Sleek case that provides scratch protection without adding much bulk
  • Precision cut-outs for access to the ports, camera, and volume buttons
  • Unique snap-on design makes putting on and removing your case easy
  • Felt lining on inside protects your BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930
  • Compatible with the Innocell 3000mAh extended life battery


Unlike their other SURFACE case, this one does not come in two pieces that fit together. Instead, it is a one piece design that just snaps into place with no special ways of holding or placing required. This allows for quick removal especially if you need to perform a battery pull without breaking a nail.

Design and Protection

I prefer complete and maximum protection on all sides as I'm probably the biggest klutz there is. However, this SURFACE case provides a high level of protection and is still slim enough to fit in the holster. I was pleasantly surprised at how it safeguarded my BlackBerry with its slim profile throughout the day.

The case is made from durable plastic with their signature soft coating and offers cut-outs for all of your ports: charger, headset, and volume and convenience keys. However, what made me apprehensive was how the screen is left unprotected (if it falls face down the sides do not raise the screen slightly), and the top and bottom of the device are left exposed to scratches and falls.

While some may find the coating too smooth, it actually does a great job at preventing dust, dirt, and lint from accumulating. No matter where my device is put (i.e. purse, backpack, or jacket pocket) it still retains its original out of the box clean and smooth appearance. It also provides a firm grip so it won't slip out of your hands when removing or placing in the holster.

As I said before the case is thin and fits securely over your device. While this is perfect for normal wear and tear, dropping it in the street or on a train platform is another story. When it inadvertently fell face down on the floor there was some slight damage to the keyboard.

However, that is not to say that this case doesn't offer its own durable protection in its own right. After using for the past few weeks, it did not crack or even show a scratch during the occasional bump or bang, tumble to the floor at work at short distances, or even when it took that nasty fall on the train.

Finally, there is the companion spring-clip belt holster. While other clips wear down and become loose, this one maintains Seidio's tradition of manufacturing solid and sturdy clips that not only keep your device secure at your hip but come with the always desired sleeper magnet. It allows easy access, offers a not too tight fit, is multi-directional - swivel in 7 directions, comes with a felt liner and face-in design to protect your phone from outside elements, and has a soft rubber piece at the top of the clip for protection.

As a chronic klutz, the thought of using a barely there case never would have crossed my mind. However, the long history that Seidio has with its customer service, quality of its products, and its longevity changed my mind. If you picked up the extended battery you will not be disappointed with this case.


Three more great protection options

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