Seidio Front

I'm a die hard case user on my BlackBerry. I know there are several of you that prefer to keep your device naked, but I'm always worried about drops and scratches. Therefore, I keep a case on my BlackBerry at all times, and my preferred case is the Seidio Innocase II.

Since I always have my Seidio case on my BlackBerry, I have been missing out on using a desktop charger for quite some time. Well that problem has now been solved with the Seidio Desktop Charging Cradle.

The beauty of this desktop charger is that it allows me to use the charging contacts on my BlackBerry while the Innocase is still on the device. The charger comes with a special inset piece that will also allow me to use it with no case on my device if I ever choose to do so. It is very simple to remove or insert the inset piece, depending on how I feel like dressing my BlackBerry that day.

Seidio Cradle
Power is provided to the charging cradle via micro-usb port on the rear. Simply plug in your existing AC charging cable, or if you feel like being super creative, use your car charger in your vehicle, and mount this cradle in your car.
Seidio Back

If you have been looking for a desktop charging cradle, this just may be the little number you need to set your sights on. This charging cradle and other great accessories can be found in the ShopCrackBerry Store. 

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