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If you ever wanted more options with your selection in cases for your device, Seidio now gives you just that. With the recent release of their CONVERT case for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930, Seidio has now jumped into the rugged case world while also giving you two cases in one!

As I mentioned before, being involved in emergency services line of work I am always hard on my devices. I have to use something that can keep up with me and still perform like the case is not even there. Put on the first layer, the Seidio Surface case, when using your BlackBerry Bold 9930 everyday. When you're going to be in tough or rugged conditions, put on the Rugged Skin and Skeleton within seconds. When you don't need the extra protection, simply remove the Rugged Skin and Skeleton.

Seidio CONVERT case for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930

Seidio CONVERT case is made up of three parts:

Seidio SURFACE Case

  • 1mm thin case provides scratch protection without adding bulk
  • Designed from a hard, yet flexible material
  • Seidio's signature Soft Touch coating
  • Simple slide-in design makes installation and removal easy
  • Precision cutouts for port, controls, and camera

Rugged Skin and Skeleton

  • 2.5mm thin silicone case that fits over Surface case
  • All controls are covered to keep dust and dirt out and remain functional
  • Ports and camera are covered, but silicone covers can be removed
  • Plastic frame fits over the back of the case for tighter fit and added protection

Innocase CONVERT Holster

  • Fits up to a 2" duty or utility belt
  • Securely holds your BlackBerry Bold 9930 with locking mechanism on top clip
  • Swivel clip allows you to position your device in 7 different ways


  • Option of having two cases at all times. ( I love extra options!!)
  • 2" belt clip for duty belt
  • Solid protection all the way around the case


  • Maybe a little big for those looking for extra protection in a case.
  • Typing issues along the keyboard
  • Port covers may let in dirt and dust.
  • When usinmg only the 1st layer of protection, mute and standby keys are somewhat exposed.

Final thoughts:

Whenever you add a rugged case to a device it may seem a little too extreme to some people, but when your device looks brand new after a crazy day on the job, that is a great outcome! Wipe it off and keep it keeps asking for more. I have always been a strong believer that rugged cases should provide the best protection so the consumer does not have to even think that their device may be damaged no matter what is thrown at it. Though there might be some issues with dirt and dust getting under the port covers, the Seidio CONVERT makes me feel confident that my device is secure and I can switch to the inner Seidio Surface case within seconds. If you're in some crazy environments for your job and lifestyle, the Seidio CONVERT case is something to definitely purchase.

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