Rocket Storm is an addictively fun game available for the BlackBerry PlayBook. The name itself makes me think of some kind of cheesy band name. It is a defence-type game that places your “space station” (ie, little metal sphere) against an increasingly aggressive onslaught of inbound rockets; hence the name. The reason for the attack is unknown, but the objective is clear; fight rockets with rockets! When you launch missiles/rockets, you want to make sure the enemy rockets are caught within the blast radius. The more rockets you catch in a single blast, the better you score will be. The last line of defence is your stations shields. After 3 hits, they are down for the count – no chance to recharge. As you advance through the levels you are presented with different types of enemy rockets (faster rockets, zig-zagging rockets, etc), as to prevent the game play from getting stale.

There isn’t anyway of saving your progress, so each time you close and open the game, you start at “Wave 01”. Game play isn’t always the same. Sometimes when the game has been paused for a while (before the level starts), I find that all of the enemy rockets for that round are launched simultaneously. The graphics are smooth and decent and should satisfy anyone who has an affinity for making things go boom. Locations of the explosions are spot on with player selections, so there are not really any cheap deaths to be had.

"blow'd up good, blow'd up real good!"

You can grab Rocket Storm for free from BlackBerry App World

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