RexRegina Morgan Case

Finally, I am able to reveal the availability of a new case, designed essentially for the BlackBerry 8800, but that also fits the BlackBerry Curve. I have been using the RexRegina Morgan Case, in Black Lizard Embossed Leather trim, for about 4 weeks now after what was a lengthy yet very productive creation time on RexRegina's end. The production effort was worth it! RexRegina have made several cases that will, in my opinion, fend off competitors.

First Impression
We have all seen a line of quality leather pouches, cases, etc. but on arrival of the Pouch from RexRegina, I was left almost stunned. The Italian leather really stands out, which isn't a total surprise when you consider most of the leather cases currently on the market are made with the less expensive Asian Leathers (most of them are merely surface painted, instead of being aniline dyed). The Morgan case is available in three embossed leather finishes: Lizard, Crocodile, and Vegetable Tanned.   

RexRegina Morgan Case looks Great!

The Details
My immediate reaction, after opening the underestimating white box the pouch arrived in, was to check if there was a “sleeper magnet” for the BlackBerry. Everyone knows a BlackBerry case without a magnet is worthless. Sure enough I found it at the bottom of the case where it should be, carefully placed.

My next check was to see how the Trackball would be affected with my Curve fully inserted in the pouch. I was pleasantly surprised when I ran my finger inside the case to find a long oval cut out inside the front of the pouch to allow the trackball to sit untouched whilst in this beautifully created case.

Morgan Case Room for Trackball

From experience, RexRegina tells me that the most popular colours that sell in this product are the darker colours, thus explaining this design. There is enough flexibility in the pouch to make it a nice fit around the BlackBerry 8800 and also the shorter 8300 Curve; the case does a great job of protecting the Blackberry. RexRegina have made a big effort in ensuring that the case is robust, yet retains an elegant look. The Lizard Skin Embossed Pouch is beautifully stitched; it’s neat; it’s tidy; as if oozing class. And in between the soft leather padding there are harder inserts which prevents any unwanted and unnecessary bending of the case. At $44.95, this case offers tremendous value.

RexRegina Morgan Case - Fits both the 8800 and Curve

I know when I received my 8800, the one thing I felt was missing was a pouch – similar to the one that comes with the Curves in Europe. This pouch does more than compensate for just another case. Whether this comes in plain Leather, Lizard Skin Embossed, or Colored Leather, I believe there isn’t a case on the market that beats this. Don’t get me wrong – I am not saying the other cases aren’t any good, because they are; this is just different. It’s unique, but most of all it does what it’s meant to – it protects your BB.

Small fact - RexRegina uses the same tannery in Italy that is used by some of the top fashion labels…. That surely has to say something good for this product.

RexRegina Review Summary:
Rex Regina Morgan Case for BlackBerry 8800/Curve


  • Outstanding Quality
  • Outstanding Looks
  • Outstanding Attention to Detail
  • Outstanding Value


  • More color options would be nice!
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Black Lizard Embossed Leather - $44.95
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Black Vegetable Tanned Leather - $44.95