The purgear hard shell and holster combo allows you to retain the size of the Bold 9900/9930 and adding a optional holster. Easy to snap on the device and out the door you go. The soft touch polycarbonate shell allows for the device to be placed in the pocket without picking up debris.

Though the hard shell does provide back protection, the case is limited to covering the sides and front of the device. The holster option is a nice fit, slim and hugs the hip no matter what you are wearing. Though at first it may seem difficult to remove from holster, I actually like the way the device is placed in the holster. The locking system is not much but it won't come loose no matter what i try and do. So if you have been on the hunt for a hard shell case with the holster option, the puregear case should fit your needs.

Take a look at the video above for a full hands on review, then hit the link below for more information.

More information/purchase of puregear Hard Shell Case & Holster Combo

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