We’ve recently reviewed the Prima Lateral Case for the BlackBerry Pearl. Today we’re going to review another one for the Pearl, the Prima Flip Case. This case has a flap that lies across the front of the Pearl to keep it well protected while shut, yet it flips open easily to allow access to the device without fully removing it.

Front Clip
Prima Flip Style Case for 8100 (Pearl)

The belt clip is easily detachable/attachable and rotates a full 360 degrees when in place. The ability to detach the clip is a nice option if you are carrying your BlackBerry Pearl in your purse or laptop bag and want to reduce the footprint of the case. 

Prima Flip Back with Clip Attached

The 8100 is held firmly in place inside the case. There are the usual openings for the various buttons and ports. Once you open it, the front flap lays nicely over your hand and out of the way while you access the Pearl keyboard. 

Extended Open
Front Open
Front View of Open Case

The clip hangs nicely from a belt or a pant pocket. It’s important to note that you aren’t going to be a quick draw with this type of case. If you plan on wearing it from your belt, you’ll pretty much have to pull the whole thing, case and all off of your belt to get to your Pearl. But on the other hand, once you’ve done that, you get to flip open the case like Captain Kirk talking into a communicator. And that’s just plain fun to do.

On Belt
Comfortably Worn on Belt

This case doesn’t feel bulky and has a nice sleek appearance. You can find it here at primacases.com.

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