Where can we point you today?

Oh how I love Beta applications, you can never go wrong with the cost (or lack thereof). It’s also like having a virtual child and being able to watch them grow. I’m not sure how much growing Poynt (or MyPoynt) has to do, because it’s already won its way into my BlackBerry heart. For those who don’t know what Poynt is all about, it’s about helping you find what you want and how to get there.  The application features Yellow Pages, Movie info and Directions all at your fingertips…or is that thumbtips?

Poynt is already available for Windows Live and AOL Messengers and finally it’s potential is realized on your BlackBerry. Think about it; GPS, website functionality like “click to call-view-map”, IP detection, not to mention one sexy mobile device. BlackBerrys without GPS can still enjoy what Poynt has to offer. A big round of applause for Multiplied Media Corporation, who are the brains behind Poynt.

Like their logo, Poynt will point you in the right direction. So let Poynts fingers do the walking, while your thumbs do the talking.

Where to go, where to go…

Choose your destiny

Prepare to drool, this application is very easy on the eyes. It’s bright, colourful and ready to find a place to go, where you can show it off. Multiplied Media hail it as an All-in-one local search tool, they weren’t kidding.

As I said in the introduction, Poynt can be used on Berrys with and without GPS capabilities. GPS allows for faster usage of Poynt, but you can also choose to enter an address for your starting point and find what you need from there. Let’s look at each of the categories we have access to.

Yellow Pages

Need to find a restaurant? Mechanic? Retail Store? Or even where you can pick up the Bold in the (hopefully) near future? Don’t waste time searching online or dialing 411. I typed in “Rogers Wireless” to see where I can run to the fastest…and whammy! I have my pick of stores to visit. Once I pick a store, I can then open a menu where you can map the location, map a route, open up a website or even access a number provided for you to call and bug them.

“Do you have the Bold? Do you have the Bold? Do you have the Bold?”

For quick reference at a future time, you can add the desired listing into your address book.

you will see me in line for the Bold

call or show up in person


Directions can be viewed by either turn by turn instructions or on a map. Measurements are available in Miles or Kilometers. Directions can be accessed by clicking on the category or selecting a destination from Yellow Pages. Directions are available for anywhere in North America. Options for Directions include; Map Route, Map Listing or Map all. Select Map Listing and you are brought to BlackBerry Maps! Hoorah!

where am I?

somewhere around here


(I saved this for last) Not sure which flick to go to? Need to know where The Incredible Hulk is playing? Then the Movie category is right up your alley, powered by Cinema-Source. Look up by Movies, Theaters, Top 10, Genres, you name it. After you pick a movie, you can read reviews and details. Once you’re set on a movie, you can map it out or even buy your Tickets online. Find. Click. Buy. Grab popcorn and you’re done. The only thing Poynt can’t do is find you a seat that doesn’t have gum on it.

all the movies without commercials (pfft yeah right)

Hulk like poynt

Poynt me in the direction of a Conclusion

Poynt is going to be on my BlackBerry for a long long time. It carries the torch that has been passed on by older applications that have also proven their worth. I don’t think I will ever use 411 again, as this application offers speed and value. I spend less time on the phone and more time watching the Hulk. This is in Beta at the moment so download it, try it out and give them your feedback. Keep it positive or they may tell you where to go, but at least you’ll know how to get there.


  • use with gps/ non-gps enabled berry
  • quick easy access to what you're looking for
  • movie reviews, details and ticket purchase
  • uses BB maps and your phone to go further
  • None
  • Currently only works in the USA and Canada


  • Download Poynt from your BlackBerry here at m.mypoynt.com