PowerMat Wireless Charger

Are you looking for a better way to charge your BlackBerry? The charging cable it comes with does the job, but it's not very exciting, and you have to keep up with that cable and manually plug in your device. I wanted something simple, and yet fun and cool at the same time. Is it even possible to have something be fun and cool when charging your BlackBerry? Absolutely! Continue reading and let me introduce you to the PowerMat Wireless Charging System.

PowerMat Wireless Charging System for BlackBerry

What's in the Box

PowerMat Box

The PowerMat system for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 series comes with everything in one box that you will need to get started. When you open the box you will find the PowerMat charging mat, a receiever battery door, and a power supply cord. That's it; simple and easy. 

PowerMat inside the box

Setup and Installation

Getting started is extremely easy. Remove the PowerMat charging pad from the box, and place it wherever you will be wanting to charge your BlackBerry. Plug the power cable into the wall and then connect it to the charging pad. Remove the battery door from your BlackBerry and replace it with the PowerMat receiver battery door. That's it! When you are ready to charge your device, you simply set it down on the charging pad. 

Intial Thoughts

PowerMat has a fantastic product on their hands. The simplicity of being able to charge your device just by setting it down on something is brilliant. I keep my PowerMat by my bedside, and I'm sure like most of you, I can leave my BlackBerry alone. If i see that red light flashing, I just have to pick it up and see what is there. When I would charge with the traditional cable, I would often find my reach limited when I would try to read my BlackBerry while I was still in bed. I could always unplug it, but then I'd have to pick up the cable and plug it back it when I was done reading my message. 

The PowerMat completely gets rid of that problem, and it is actually better for the environment. When your BlackBerry is fully charged, the PowerMat will auto shutoff, and conserve power. However, it will still monitor your battery life, and charge as needed while your device is still on the charging pad. That's some smart technology if you ask me. 

My only complaint with the PowerMat is the inability to use a case with the PowerMat battery door installed. I am a huge fan of the Seidio Innocase for my device, and it simply will not work with the PowerMat. If you look at the above pictures, you will see that the PowerMat battery door has two small lumps on the lower portion of the battery door; one on each side. This is how the PowerMat actually works. In the back of the battery door, is the PowerMat technology to allow the wireless charging, and the small lumps are actually leads connecting to the wireless charging ports on your BlackBerry. 

Pro's and Con's


  • Easy charging
  • Stylish Design
  • Not compatible with most cases


When I visited the PowerMat booth this year at CES, they talked about how wireless charging was going to be the wave of the future. They had an office desk with Powermat technology built in to it so when you set you device down on the desk, it would charge. My favorite demo was a car. I don't remember what make or model it was, but whenever you set your device in the cupholder, you'd hear that infamous PowerMat charging sound, and your device would be wirelessly getting a charge as you drive. Now what does this have to do with this review? It just shows that PowerMat is on the move, and I'd suggest you jump on the bandwagon, head to the Shop CrackBerry Store, and start with the PowerMat Wireless Charging System for your BlackBerry at home. 

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