Pac-Man Championship Edition is a new take on an old classic. Our little yellow hero, Pac-Man still runs around a maze of dots; and his ghost enemies still chase him. What is different is the speed of this game. Each of the game's five modes features a time limit of either five or ten minutes. If that seems a short amount time, just try lasting that long. As the game progresses, Blinky, Inky, Pinky, and Clyde the ghosts chase Pac-Man faster and faster. Just staying ahead of the ghosts is a challenge.

Adding an extra dimension of difficulty, Pac-Man Championship Edition features an enormous maze. Each half of the maze is its own mini-board. Once Pac-Man eats all of the dots on one side, he'll have to eat a fruit to unlock the dots on the other side. You'll have to go back and forth from both sides to eat all the dots. All the while both avoiding - and chasing - those ghosts.

Pac-Man Championship Edition has five challenge modes to keep you occupied. Each one has a slightly different challenge to overcome. In Extra Mode 1, you'll have to travel long distances with little protection from the ghosts. In Challenge Mode 2, you'll play in the dark with only the dots and a glow from Pac-Man and the ghosts to assist you.

Supported on a variety of BlackBerry devices - from the 8300 to the 9780 and points in-between - the app features some nice touchscreen support for the BlackBerry Torch, as well. Swiping up, down, left and right tells Pac-Man where to go; there is also an option to tap where you want him to go. An unexpected surprise, the game fully supports portrait and landscape mode, and has no problem switching in-game.

With its colorful, ever-changing mazes and characters, catchy music, and challenging game play; Pac-Man Championship Edition will make a nice addition to the games on my BlackBerry.

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