Bold and CurveHeavy Duty

I have tried just about every kind of case/holster out there to use on my Sam Browne, and have never found the perfect one until now. OtterBox Defender Series cases are rugged and can easily withstand the abuse of day to day use in Emergency Services.

The case is available for almost all current BlackBerry devices, and comes in either all black, or a black/yellow combination. Most of you are familiar with the OtterBox cases already, but in case you aren't, here is some info about them:

The OtterBox for BlackBerry Defender Series will offer your device the ultimate safeguard, with a slim and sophisticated look. Three layers wrap your phone in pure, 100% guaranteed protection.

A plastic, Thermal-Formed sheet covers your screen and keys. Next, a strong Polycarbonate shell caresses your BlackBerry and gives added protection against drops and bumps. Finally, a Silicone skin wraps around everything to absorb shock. Slim, sleek and stylish, this case is of superior quality.

The actual case itself is phenomenal. It is very easy to assemble and offers great protection. I personally did not use the plastic sheet over the screen and keyboard of my BlackBerry Bold. New with the design for the Curve 8900, is that the screen protector is built in to the case, and now the plastic dust sheet only goes over the keyboard. I like that option much better, and I hope Otterbox continues this trend for all future cases. However that's the great thing about this case, you can still have superior protection to your BlackBerry even if you choose not to use all three layers of protection.

I won't go much more into detail about the case itself. It has been reviewed many times on CrackBerry, and you can check out those links here for the Curve 8350i, Curve 83xx, and Storm.

As mentioned previously in the blogs, the OtterBox Heavy Duty Belt Clip is now available in the CrackBerry Store. It is made from the same material as the standard OtterBox Defender Series holsters, but has a new clip engineered especially for utility belts up to 2.25" wide. The new clip has full swivel functionality, and is no longer spring assisted, and that helps to keep it slimmed down.

Once I received the new holster, I immediately put it to use and was extremely satisfied with it. I normally carry my BlackBerry on the front of my duty belt, and I used to have to constantly adjust it throughout my shift to keep it from falling off my belt. More than once, it has taken a plunge to the ground. Luckily, the OtterBox provided the protection needed to prevent any damage. Now, I can carry my BlackBerry worry-free with the heavy duty belt clip. Once put in place, it doesn't come off without using two-hands. It stays right where I want it. I can rotate the clip in both the horizontal or vertical position, and know that my BlackBerry is safe and secure. This is the perfect case/holster combination for anyone in the police, fire, EMS, or security professions.

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