"The NoiseHush NX80 Stereo Headphones are a solid pair of headphones that merge style, comfort, and quality for a reasonable price"

In Short:
"Crystal clear sound and the tangle free cord make these a must for those on the go"

Should I Buy?
"Shut out the world and immerse yourself in your music"

NoiseHush NX80

Fitness Month is almost over and now that I've got my exercise program in place and my music to keep me going, it was time to choose the best headset to stay in place during my workout. Now I've been using the Motorola S10HD Bluetooth Headphones but during long workouts I need something that can last without conking out because of battery life and still be able to block out the extraneous noise of the gym. I've never been a fan of the in-the-ear design as they tend to give me an earache, but in this case I've made an exception for the NoiseHush NX80 Stereo Headphones.

The Review

NoiseHush NX80 Earbuds


As I mentioned earlier, my ears don't tend to work well with most in-the-ear models. The pain from having something plug up your ear canals just made me ignore them altogether. It's why I still use an old pair with cushions and relegated my other ones to what I call my headset graveyard in the corner of my room. However, these are actually soft enough to fit snugly in my ear without causing discomfort. Having never worn this style before it did take some getting used to the fitted feel but it's worth it. The tight fit creates a great noise isolating seal that keeps the outside world away.

The real test, though, was on the treadmill. Not only did they have to stay in my ear but remain there while I went back and forth between running, jogging and walking. At first, they were too loose and slipped out of my ears. This was easily rectified by changing to one of the smaller size ear gels (small, medium, or large) provided. Once that was done, I went the full 30 minutes without having to readjust them.

Sound Quality


One of my pet peeves has to be sound quality. As with my Bluetooth headset, I gravitate towards headphones that blow me away with bass but still retain the loudness and clarity to hear the instruments and voices. While these headphones do offer excellent quality, my eclectic musical taste had me running for the equalizer for a couple of songs. At times the bass level was too high and audio subsequently became scratchy which was only fixed by lowering the volume. By changing the ear gels and making sure it was securely positioned, bass quality did improve although it was still intense at times. As for the rest of my library, vocals could only be described as crystal clear where you could hear even the breadth they took in-between verses.

Noise isolation was next up on my list and they performed exactly as promised. Once they were on my head, it was as if I were sealed in a bubble. I didn't hear anything going on around me, not even when someone came up to me to ask a question. All that I saw were lips moving.

NoiseHush Flat Cord

Another great feature is the durable tangle-resistant wire. I can't tell you how many times I've put my old headphones away and wound up spending most of my time unraveling them. This time I put them through the ringer: throwing them in my gym bag, leaving them in my pocketbook or just placing them back in their travel pouch. The next day when I took them out I was pleasantly surprised to see they ready to use and not in a tangled ball. The flat cord ensures you won't be spending half your workout constantly straightening them out even though they are 3.9 ft. long. 

NoiseHush Control Button

In the middle of the cable, you'll notice it comes with an in-line microphone and control button that allows you to pause/play your music and easily answer incoming calls. Designed to filter out background noise, I had no issues phoning family and friends while walking down a busy NYC street. I said it once and I'll say it again, the noise isolation is top notch and does a great job of blocking out external sounds for both music and calls.

I'm very critical when it comes to headphones and that's why I rarely budge from my current ones. However, the NoiseHush have forever changed my attitude towards in-the-ear models. Not only are they affordable and stylish but they get the job done and deliver high quality audio when I need it most at the gym. Not only that but they are perfect for travelling and offer excellent sound when connected to your Playbook when watching videos and movies. NoishHush has done a great job of designing a sturdy pair of headphones and if you've been searching for a reliable pair I highly recommend them.

NoiseHush NX80 Stereo Headphones


  • Quality is key when choosing headphones and these are extremely durable and offer high quality audio that won't put a strain on your wallet.


  • Besides having to make sure they are securely positioned, there's no earwax guard which means they require constant cleaning. On rare occasions you can hear the sound of the rubber cords if you move your head too much. 

The Bottom Line

Extremely comfortable with resounding clarity these are an excellent pair of headphones that are a step above the rest in terms of price range and features. They're stylish, easy to carry, stay in place during physical activity and are definitely worth checking out.

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