Motorola S10-HD

As an audiophile I take my search for Bluetooth headsets seriously. I spend hours nitpicking accessories to find one with everything I'm looking for especially when they're not wired headsets. They have to give the perfect balance of bass and treble (without the use of an equalizer) and be snug yet not too tight that I feel like my skull is in a vice. Now I've owned the Motorola S9-HD Bluetooth stereo headphones so I thought I'd pick up the newest model, the Motorola S10-HD, and take them for a spin.

Design and Comfort

The Motorola S10-HD is the latest model in the Motorola line of Bluetooth headphones. Now one of the issues I had with the prior model is that after awhile my ears would hurt or it would press too much on my temples. I have to say that there were times I didn't even feel like they were there, that's how soft the earbuds are. The soft silicon earpieces are interchangeable and come in four different sizes. There are three buttons on each side which operate the music and phone controls. On the left you'll find the three that control volume up/down, and the answer button while the three on the right control pause, play, and skip. I admit it took awhile to get used to the flatter rubberized buttons. The power button has been relocated to below the charging port on the back housing for easier pairing and for turning on/off.


Previous models suffered from one fatal flaw and that moisture acted as kryptonite. If you have an active lifestyle such as riding a bike, jogging, or my favorite going to the gym, they eventually failed from being in close proximity to sweat. The S10-HD features a new sweat proof design to keep moisture out through the use of hydrophobic mesh and silicone seals that encase the speakers. Even the micro-USB port is molded with a water-proof plug. You can see below how unaffected by moisture they were (not to gross you out or anything) after my most recent workout.

Sound and Performance

The S10 offers many design and performance enhancements including 8 hours of play time, 9 hours of talk time, 33 ft Bluetooth range, and 10 days of standby that is leaps and bounds ahead of the older model. Also, noise reduction was superb. It did a fantastic job of blocking out the usual disturbances on the train (I didn't hear when my stop was called) and all the background noises at the gym.

However, I miss the sound of the S9HD. It offered deep bass and a high level of clarity. Unfortunately, the rich bass is noticeably absent on the S10. That's not to say that they don't have great sound on their own, it's just that my favorite songs, such as "Uprising" by Muse and "I Don't Care" by Fall Out Boy, didn't have that extra oomph in the drumbeats.

The S10 is a well-designed headset in its own right. With the exception of the difference in sound when streaming music it offers relatively clear call quality and doesn't disconnect. Overall, its a solid headset that gets the job done day in and day out whether you're working out or sitting on the couch.

Motorola S10-HD

The Good

Motorola is known for making quality headphones and this is a solid accessory that performs well under normal conditions. It employs top notch noise reduction technology that in conjunction with the new design makes sure extraneous noise does not ruin your listening experience and improves comfort.

The Bad

Audiophiles will be disappointed in the sound quality when streaming their favorite music or radio stations. While playback and phone calls are crystal clear it lacks the richness and deep bass of its predecessor.

The Bottom line

The S10 outperforms previous models with improved BT range, battery life, and moisture protection, yet sacrifices the amazing sound of the S9 HD. It works well on a daily basis no matter what environment you're in and offers a new design for a more secure and comfortable fit.Solid performance and great for those who are active.

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