Buy one get one. Two for one. Super Size your Extra Value Meal. Who doesn’t want to get the most for their money?? Even if you don’t need what’s on sale, at least you can say it was a bargain. It’s all about stretching your dollar further.

“You can never have too much spam, even if it takes over your cupboards.”

The same thing can be said about BlackBerry applications. You want to make sure you get the most out of it, without having to switch to something else or add another application on top of it. Sometimes, with a battle between similar applications, the victor is often decided by whoever has the most impressive list of features. I was looking to find an application that includes a whole slough of features- I came across one that was aptly named Jam. Nearly splitting at its seams, Jam loads your BlackBerry with over a dozen applications, options and features. My downloads folder exploded with both fun and useful add ons. I wasn’t sure if I would make use of all of the items that Jam offered, but it was assuring to know that I did have options. Let’s take a look.

About Jam

The Jam application was developed by LSphone. LSphone is also behind applications like the vibrating notification app Feel It and the happy, animated I Charge Cool; both of which are also found within the Jam app. In fact, a fair chunk of what LSphone has developed has been squeezed into Jam. In order to use Jam, your BlackBerry should be running OS 4.3 or higher. The most current version of Jam is and has a file size of 620.1KB.

After downloading Jam, I was surprised to see 23 different app icons. At first, I thought that they were yet another batch of carrier pushed items. There were also a half dozen additional features added to my Options. I would suggest that you take a look at Jam thoroughly, right after downloading, rather than taking a look at it later. You will notice immediate changes to your BlackBerrys behaviour that you may not understand. Almost all of the apps within an app are grouped by category, making it easier to scroll through them. Let’s see if I can tackle them all.

icon, icons everywhere


Jam compiles seven shortcuts to frequently used items. The shortcuts allow you to compose a new SMS, email or PIN message. You can also add a new memo and task or even call your voicemail. This voicemail option left me scratching my head, as pressing and holding the “1” key takes you straight to voicemail anyway. Each of these shortcuts redirects you to the native feature, rather than a submenu of Jam. Another shortcut is the LogCut feature. Rather than pressing Alt and LGLG to open the BlackBerry Event Log, you can use this shortcut.

Blinking Lights

There’s nothing like blinking lights to cause a distrac -….oh, sorry. Jam incorporates a multitude of light based options for many different uses. The application provides a pulsing strobe light, a flashlight, an emergency lights imitator and hazard flasher (including SOS and police lights) and mood lighting (rawr). In some of the features, you can use your trackpad/trackball to adjust the brightness of both the LCD and the LED.

emergency lights imitator

Battery Charging Screen Savers

Typically, when I charge my BlackBerry, I would simply let my screen fade to black. Jam comes with three different applications you can use while charging. First up is the unique I Charge Cool. This app/screensaver informs you of your charging status by using colour (red to yellow to green). On either side of the screen you will find two “bouncing balls” that bounce higher as you charge. The same screen will also alternately display the time, battery level and a smiley face, which looks happier and happier as the phone charges. I Charge Cool will also sound when the battery is fully charged or if it detects overheating.

BlackCharge is a much calmer screen saver. With a black background, this app displays a battery that will fill as you charge. The bottom of the screen displays the time in digital and analog, the battery level and the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

EarthSaver proves that your world is your BlackBerry and it is up to you to save it. Planet Earth takes on two roles, as a battery meter and a clock. The moon is used to count the seconds. As your battery discharges, the Earth slowly transforms into a harsh desert.

Save the Earth!


To check the status of your BlackBerry, Jam is packed with multiple meters and notification options. On top of the battery and temperature monitor, you can view the media card memory status, RAM allocation, Flash Memory, Object Memory, Code Module Memory and Internal Filesystem Memory.

in-depth phone status

When I downloaded Jam, I had noticed that the vibrate feature of my BlackBerry would pulse occasionally. Having a look at my Options menu, I noticed that Jam was set up to vibrate to notify me before the backlight would timeout. I could control the intensity of this vibration as well. Jam also used this option to alert me to call waiting, conference calls and call connect/disconnect. The Reply-All email confirming option also notified me when I was replying to more than one recipient or if “RE:” was in the subject line; thus eliminating Replying to All by accident.

Call Waiting Notification

Reply to All..or not

Other options include capturing screenshots (single or multiple) and the secure off feature that quickly powers off your phone, while erasing you caches and logs.


Now, while I don’t see myself using every single option found in Jam (multiple screen savers), I was impressed with what had to offer. It’s definitely an app that thinks of the little things for you. I especially liked having a detailed memory monitor and temperature alarm. Other free add ons include: a room thermometer, power saver during calls and a Trip Range and Economy Calculator (TREC). All of these options are not only jammed into one application, but also jammed into a low price. Jam normally goes for only $6.99 in the CrackBerry Superstore, but you can pick it up for the promotional price of only $0.99 until May24th!


  • Access to multiple meters, alerts and notifications
  • Entertaining screen savers
  • Blinking Lights!


  • Voicemail icon seems unnecessary

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