I recently had the opportunity to take a look at the Jabra BT500 Bluetooth headset. This is the successor to the Jabra BT250, and it is lighter and slimmer than the previous generation.

Included in the package was the Jabra BT500 headset, an AC adapter to charge from a power socket, a USB charger to charge directly from a PC, 3 MiniGels, and a small manual. The headset is sleek and stylish, sort of a gunmetal gray that matches my BlackBerry 8700, (in case you care about color coordinating your wearable electronics).

The Package
Jabra BT500 Package Contents

As instructed by the manual, I fully charged the headset before trying to use it. It took about two hours to get a full charge. A little red LED tells you when it is charging, and it turns to green when complete.

Pairing the headset to my BlackBerry 8700c was seamless. I put the headset in pairing mode by pressing this tiny little button and the LED turned Blue. Then I just enabled Bluetooth on my BlackBerry and searched for new devices. After it found the headset, I entered the default PIN and Voila!
The Combo Headset
Jabra BT500 Headset

Operating the headset relies on you remembering the difference between a Tap, a Press, and a Press and Hold of the same button.

  Instruction: Duration of press:

Tap Press briefly
Press Approx: 1 second
Press and hold Approx: 5 seconds

So for example, to turn on your headset, you Press the answer/end button. To turn it off, you Press and hold. To answer or end a call you Tap it.

I was very impressed with the comfort of this headset. It's very light (0.67 ounces) and very thin. I've been wearing it as I type this article, and I've completly forgotten that it was in my ear. You can easily switch it between ears by giving the MiniGel a small rotation as you change sides.

But does it work? You betcha. The test calls I made sounded clear to the people I was calling. The headset did seem to pick up a little noise when I called from a place with lots of background sound, but the quality was still very acceptable. The manual recommends that you wear the device and headset on the same side of your body, and that seemed to work well for me. I was also able to set my BlackBerry down and walk around the room while on a call.

If you are looking for a stylish and comfortable Bluetooth headset for your BlackBerry, then I'd highly recommend the Jabra BT500.

Here are some of the specs for the Jabra BT500:

Bluetooth compliance:
Bluetooth version 1.2 specifications

Operating range:
Up to 33 feet (10 meters)

Talk time:
Up to 8h

Stand-by time:
Up to 240h

Charging time:
Approximately 2 hours

0.67oz. (19 g.)

4″ x 2.4″ x 0.6″

Supported special features:
• Answer/end call
• Voice dial*
• Last number re-dial*
• Reject call*
• Call hold/ Call wait*
• Mute
• Multi-colored LED lights for status on Bluetooth, low battery and charging

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