The recent availability of Bluetooth within the RIM products has made many people consider buying a Bluetooth headset along with their BlackBerry. But most of the Bluetooth headsets available have a noticeable problem: the echo. The Jabra BT250v is one of the high quality Bluetooth headsets that have corrected this mistake. Jabra is a well-known brand; in fact their previous generation, the Jabra 200 was the best selling Bluetooth headset in the world.

The Jabra
Jabra BT250v and charging cradle

The package includes the Jabra BT250v headset, 3 MiniGels, a charging cradle, an A/C adapter as well as a short printed user manual. When pairing with the Blackberry 8700c, the initial process was seamless. Simply turn on the BT250V and put it in pairing mode, enable Bluetooth on your BlackBerry, search for new devices, enter the default PIN and the pairing is complete!

Jabra Packaging
Jabra BT250v packaging

Jabra BT250v accessories

The wearing comfort on the Jabra is very high and you can wear the headset for hours without even feeling it. The BT250v uses Jabra’s patented MiniGel earplug, manufactured from a soft, gel-like material. Another benefit of the earplug is that it is the only part requiring modification when switching between the left and right ear configurations of the headset. The incoming sound is very clear thanks again to the MiniGel which distributes the sound directly into the ear.

On the Ear
Wearing the Jabra BT250v
Fits Anyone
Truly fits any size

The BT250v range is 30ft which is standard for most Bluetooth headsets. Jabra BT 250 has 8 hours of talk time and 240 hours of standby time. Charging takes about 2 full hours.

In conclusion, the Jabra BT250v excels in terms of ergonomics, its comfort is unparalleled, its transmission capabilities are very good, and battery life is virtually unmatched. And for only $45, what more could you ask?

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