For those who lead a busy and active lifestyle there are times you need to have a solid, reliable case to get you through the day and all the bumps and accidents that occur. Personally, my cases always end up battered and broken, another casualty of my chronic klutziness. Incipio has always been a favorite of mine with a reputation of keeping their accessories simple yet tough to keep your devices safe from even the nastiest of falls.

Now that I own the BlackBerry Bold 9900 I decided to try the Incipio PREDATOR Case. I admit to being rather hard on my devices, even the screen shields are no match for me. Can the Predator survive me? Keep reading to find out.


The Incipio PREDATOR case is a two layer design with the outer being a hard shell made from high-density polycarbonate material and the inner being a soft silicone skin. Unlike other skin cases the silicone is a bit thicker with a reinforced back while the outer layer is only a sturdy frame with a hollowed out back (leaving the silicone layer completely exposed). On the sides of the shell certain edges extend slightly outward to give a better grip so it doesn't slip out of your hands.

  • High-density polycarbonate layer
  • Silicone layer
  • Cut outs for all device features
  • Screen exposed
  • Custom designed for BlackBerry Bold 9930 or Bold 9900


Placing the case on the device can be described in one word: tricky. If you don't align the sides exactly right when putting the hard shell to the point where it pushes up the skin. Sometimes when trying to reapply, the shell was so restrictive that I had to gently pull the outer layer away and guide the skin back into place.

After a few tries I found that if you put on the outer frame one side first and then gently wrap around the other, it lines everything up. While not perfect, you can then smooth out the bumps with your fingers. Again, attaching the case really isn't that difficult and it only takes a few seconds or so to adjust.

Design and Protection

While the hard shell is pretty basic, what makes this case unique is how the back is left open so that the inner layer comes through. This thicker, textured back offers a firm non-slip grip (even on flat surfaces) and is soft enough to feel comfortable in your hands. What I like is how you don't even notice the absence of the second layer of protection. The silicone's unique design allows it to absorb the impact of being dropped from various distances without needing the hard shell.

This reasonably priced case offers enough protection for those of us who abuse our devices over time. No matter how many times it was dropped or banged into a door it didn't scratch or crack at all. In my book that makes it a keeper. The PREDATOR is not overly bulky and retains the sleekness of your BlackBerry. I don't think it will be joining its brethren in my case graveyard anytime soon.


Three more great protection options

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OtterBox Commuter Series Case for BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930
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Seidio ACTIVE Case for BlackBerry Bold 9930, Bold 9900
"Provides great shock and impact absorption while adding minimal bulk"
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