With all the cases currently available for the BlackBerry Q10, I can see how it is a tough choice to know which one to go for. There are those who prefer to leave their device bare, those who seek protection in a lightweight and stylish design, and those who like big and bulky for full blown protection. The Incipio Feather SHINE Hard shell case falls into the middle category as it is keeps your Q10 protected against the occasional drops and falls yet still offers a firm grip. It is available in two color options, yet I chose to take a look at the silver one, which certainly stands out from the rest.

As with any hard shell case, this one fits the phone perfectly and feels as if there were no case on it at all. There are cutouts for all of your buttons, ports, and camera. One complaint some may have is that it does not completely cover the top and bottom of the phone to protect the headset jack, lock button, and speaker.

We are already familiar with the sturdy and thin design of the BlackBerry Q10 and the feather SHINE is an ultra-thin shell that does not take away from that. It snaps into place quickly and is easy to use on a day-to-day basis and the sides do not interfere with gestures. However, because it can be tight and form-fitting, it is not always easy to remove.


  • Rigid polycarbonate frame
  • Sleek, low profile design
  • Access to all ports and buttons
  • Brushed aluminum finish
  • Screen exposed

The SHINE comes with a radio-transparent brushed aluminum finish that gives it not only a smooth back but an unmistakable look. This hard shell case is made from a high density plextonium frame meant to protect it from bumps and falls, and the perimeter of the case is clear yet sturdy that it won’t suddenly break when trying to remove. Designed to be strong and tougher than your standard soft shell case, it is durable enough for normal wear and tear though nothing more.

When I have inadvertently dropped my Q10 on carpeting it held up pretty well though it tends to show scratches and dents. This is not a case meant to take heavy hits from constant drops and bangs. What I can say is that it does keep your BlackBerry’s back from getting scratched and dented from normal use and you don’t have to worry about damage from laying your device on the table.

The Good

  • Stylish with the brushed aluminum finish
  • Form-fitting
  • Does not sacrifice functionality and gives access to all ports and controls
  • Offers a decent grip on your Q10 and the soft finish does not cause it slide out of your hands

The Bad

  • The sides do not raise the screen enough to offer lay on surface protection though there is a tiny lip
  • Shows marks, scratches, fingerprints, dents and dirt easily (at least on the silver color)
The Bottom Line

With its beautiful brushed aluminum finish, it remains a minimalist case to not only give your BlackBerry some extra shine but is lightweight as well and won’t weigh it down. If you are in the market for a slim style case, then this this is a solid option worth the money for anyone who is a fan of the snap-on hard shell design. It looks and feels good in your hands and still gives you that naked feel with no risk of it accidentally popping out. The box includes a screen protector and cloth and there is also a version available for the BlackBerry Z10.

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