"The Incipio DRX Soft Shell case feels like it belongs on the device from the get go. Sometimes SIMPLE is the better choice"

In Short:
"Most durable shell case available"

Should I Buy?
"Minimalistic style, optimal protection for everyday use"
Incipio duroSHOT DRX Semi-Rigid Soft Shell Case

The Incipio DRX Soft Shell for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 and 9900 is made for those who want some protection while not affecting the thickness of the device and functionality. Incipio has always kept their products simple, and sometimes simple is what works best. Made of a hard shell polycarbonate core and Incipio's groundbreaking semi-rigid outer frame, this case can truly take a beating and keep coming back for more.

The Review

I enjoy taking a step back every now and then from the rugged case world and switching to something a little more modern. The Incipio DRX Soft Shell feels like it belongs on the device from the get go. It literally hugs the device so tight that there is no sloppiness on the edges, yet is easy to take off for docking in the BlackBerry charging pod within seconds. Surely the design of this case was for those on the go, -- toss it in a pocket, bag and forget about it. For those who like a little style in their case, you can now choose from two other color choices besides the standard black.

Incipio duroSHOT DRX Semi-Rigid Soft Shell Case

The back of the case is set with a glossy finish in the center and wrapped in a soft touch texture which adds grip on the edges. The camera and flash are exposed and do risk damage since most people place their device on a surface face up.

Incipio duroSHOT DRX Semi-Rigid Soft Shell Case

The right side of the case fully covers all the buttons. They function with a nice soft touch as if the case was not even there.

Incipio duroSHOT DRX Semi-Rigid Soft Shell Case

The left side provides easy access to your 3.5 headset jack and microUSB port. The port openings are recessed slightly, but one thing to notice is that the USB port is cut out wide enough to accept the plug dimensions to ensure a solid connection. 

Incipio duroSHOT DRX Semi-Rigid Soft Shell Case

The front of the device is nicely wrapped in the black frame shell, giving your device exceptional protection. 

duroSHOT Case for BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900
by Incipio


  • Easy to apply and remove (given the dimensions of the case) you can still use a holster. The case does not feel slippery in the hand like other hard shell cases. Reasonable price for a shell case.


  • The glossy back of the case does show wear easily, but I would rather a flat finish. While taking the case off numerous times, it will start to leave marks in the bezel finish on the device.

The Bottom Line

As stated above if you like keeping things simple, this case is a must for you. Adding some decent protection for those who don't want to add much bulk to the sleekness of the Bold device. As there is really no assembly required and it can be installed within second. Though it does leave some marks on the device after some time, if you always keep it on your phone then there should be no issues and it should suit you well for many years.

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