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iGrip Charging Dock

Been looking for a safer way to handle your BlackBerry while in the car? Most anywhere you live now, there are restrictions on how you can use your cellphone while operating a motor vehicle. Infractions can result in fines and/or points on your license. But there are accessories out there to help make your drive easier, as well as keep you legal. The iGrip Charging Dock is a great accessory to display, charge, and safely mount your BlackBerry Torch 9800 while in your vehicle. Whether you are streaming music to a visor mount, or just making phone calls via bluetooth, this stylish accessory will help you handle all your BlackBerry needs while on the go.

In the Box

iGrip Contents

In the box you will find the usual components. The dock itself with built-in suction cup, mounting bracket, and an adhesive mounting pad. There are a few ways you can mount the iGrip in your vehicle. The 1st, and most temporary method, is to simply use the suction cup to mount it to your vehicle's windshield. This allows for quick mounting and dismounting of the dock from your car. Most will use this method if they will be using the dock in multiple vehicles or just don't want to adhere anything to their dash. The 2nd method is to use the provided adhesive pad, and directly mount it to the dash, and then attaching the suction cup to it. This is the method I use, and like I said, it is much more permanent. I have used these adhesive mounts in the past, and they are messy and a complete PITA to remove. But if you plan to keep the iGrip in your vehicle for an extended length of time, it is probably the way to go.

All in all, every piece of the iGrip Charging Dock seems to be made of high quality materials, and very solid. I have no worries that it will be in my Hummer for many years to come.

Other Accessories to Compliment the iGrip

Don't Get a Ticket

The iGrip Charging Dock is a great accessory on its own. It's great for speakerphone use or to simply charge your Torch while on the move. I have only been using it for only a few weeks and it has already saved my battery on multiple occasions.

While the dock is good on its own, it really shines when used in conjuntion with some other BlackBerry accessories. Pairing it with a bluetooth headset will drastically improve the ease of your drive, and help save you from those pesky cellphone tickets (pictured above). I recently received one of said tickets and was unpleasantly surprised to find out it came with 2 points on my license, on top of the hefty fine. I plan on never letting that happen again. Another great accessory to compliment the dock is a bluetooth visor mount. Having one will turn your iGrip Charging Dock into more of a multimedia dock, allowing you to easily play your favorite music, without the danger of looking down at your device.


Don't Text and Drive

Overall the iGrip Charging Dock has a lot of pros, and no cons that I can come up with. It offers the convenience of charging while on the go, the safety from fumbling around looking for your device while driving, and a stylish way to display your Torch. All at a very good price. Just don't try and text while your device is in the dock. I dare say it is the most dangerous thing I have ever attempted.  

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