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HellBent 9650 Pouch

For me nothing beats the feel of a BlackBerry device without a case or anything on it, but unfortunately I don't always enjoy carrying the device around with me like that. Having to insert and remove the device from my pocket constantly opens up a whole lot of potential for it to get scratched up, and become old looking (big fear of mine). Predicaments like this leave little room for possibilities of what to use, but luckily there are quite a few holsters that are available to provide protection while not in use, but allow the naked style feel of the device while it is in use. While looking around, deciding which of them to purchase the HellBent Top Pouch Case caught my attention for a few reasons, so I decided to give it a chance. Hit the break with me to check out this case with a little more detail.

HellBent Top Pouch Case for the BlackBerry Bold 9650

Upon receipt of the case I was very excited to open it up and give it a go and see how I would end up liking it in comparison to the stock leather pouch that came with the device. After opening the packaging and getting the case in my hand I went to open it, and noticed that it was a locking style magnet that held the top of the case closed and was exposed, verse the hidden magnets that are found in the OEM case. While it isn't as appealing to the eye once it is opened, these magnets were very strong, and provided a great seal once the device was in it, so there was no fear of the device falling out.

MagnetsDevice In Holster

My device fit nearly perfect in the holster, which is something that is not ordinary for a brand new pouch. Most of the time they are extremely tight fitting, and you have to work to get the device in and out, but not with this case. There was a little bit of extra room in the case which allowed for it to slide in and out very nicely, but wasn't too much extra where it wobbled around and was not secure. The inside of the case is lined with a thin soft fabric which will add protection and prevent scratches of the device while putting it in and taking it out.

HellBent Clip

On the back of the case you will find a rather simplistic looking belt clip, nothing quite as large and bulky as we have seen on many other cases. I will have to admit I was fooled by this case at first glance thinking it was a fixed position belt clip, but after giving it a little twist I found that it did indeed move. The belt clip is rather stiff, and will require a little extra effort in order to move it to a new position, but this is also a good thing as your holster won't be just spinning circles on your hip.


  • Perfect fit right out of the box
  • Strong magnets to hold case closed
  • Sturdy clip and cloth liner to prevent scratching


  • Lack of variety in patterns to appeal to variety of users

Overall the HellBent Leather Pouch was an extremely worthy purchase, as the case had plenty of great things about it, and very little that I didn't like. Yes, we know, the design may not be for everyone, and there are unfortunately only a two different options available for the design, but if you are into this style this is a must have case. The high quality HellBent Leather Pouch is available through ShopCrackBerry.com, so be sure to place your order today!

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