FindMe Application for Facebook

Calling all Facebook fanatics! Yes you, the one with thousands of friends and yet you can’t even remember the names of half of them. And yes even you, the wallflower who’s waiting to be noticed.  You all know about the umptee –million things you can do on Facebook when you’re bored with looking at embarrassing pictures or writings on a wall. Here’s another one to throw at you and your BlackBerry. Let me introduce you to FindMe.

FindMe is available for both BlackBerry and (yawn) Windows Mobile devices. FindMe adds another level to your Facebook experience, informing people of you and your BlackBerry’s general area. You know you’re that special, so why not let your gang know where they can join you?

I’ve covered a few of Electric Pocket’s goodies, including FlipSide and Ringo Ringtone Manager. Up until recently, I was probably one of the very few who were still not on Facebook, but for the sake of FindMe and my fellow users and abusers, I have switched camps. Though without friends or family (on Facebook), I march on.

Why join Facebook for an application you ask? I’m a fan of Electric Pocket’s work. Now let’s see if my social assimilation was worth it.

Now you can Poke AND Find Me

Before we continue, I would like to explain how it works. FindMe does not rely on a GPS-enabled BlackBerry’s receiver. Any CDMA and GSM BlackBerrys “with trackballs” will do. The application actually uses a cell tower location, or cell site, to give a general idea of where you are. Your location is then posted on your Profile. I say general, because a tower could cover a few kilometers. You can add a postal or zip code to a location, which allows FindMe to offer direction/maps to your current location.

Tag! You’re it!

FindMe Entry
a name and an address to your location

It’s not Pin Point accuracy, but FindMe may show you, say, near your favorite Pub. Then you’ll probably get a call from your buddy saying “Dude, I’ll be there in five. Don’t go anywhere.”

If you’re looking for something much more accurate, this may not be for you. It’s designed as a fun application to help generate (and I quote) “impromptu parties or raves”.

Once installed on both your BlackBerry and Facebook account, plug in your mobile number and you’re ready to roll. You have the power to decide, what locations are shared, when to share and how they are shared with your Facebook friends. I prefer to simply show locations like Home, Work, Mall, and not include an actual street address. You can choose to allow FindMe to update your news mini-feed and/ or your Main Profile Status.

On your BlackBerry desktop, FindMe presents itself as a radar screen. This icon can quickly show you your status, based on colours:

  • Green – you are in a known location
  • Yellow – you are in a new/ unnamed location
  • Red- you are hidden from the world (Go Dark)

As you start off, you will see the yellow radar the most. As I said, the yellow radar indicates that you are in a new or unknown location. You can then choose to “tag” this location, adding an address if you like. When this location is tagged, the icon will then appear green when you are here.

The ninja in you may want to hide in the shadows, perhaps you are on a secret mission. You can then choose to “Go Dark” on either your BlackBerry or on your Facebook account. The icon on your BB then turns red.

options from the main menu


options within status

Besides being a type of Big Brother, FindMe does offer a few more features. As with Facebook, you can show the History of your travels. From the app on your BlackBerry, there are links to Facebook,check for updates and email your log file . Check up on your Home and Neighbouring Cells as well. You’re even able to enable Fire Eagle:

“Fire Eagle shares your location information with services and applications that you choose. This location information is obtained from the web or your mobile device. Fire Eagle collects your current location information from location-enabled devices or services that you authorize. The specificity of the location data collected by Fire Eagle (e.g., city, street, latitude/longitude, etc.) depends on the authorized device or service that you link with Fire Eagle.”

Found the Conclusion

FindMe’s ability to track through cell sites rather than GPS is a unique alternative. If you’re looking for an application to keep tabs on all of your secret agents, this isn’t for you. If you’re looking for a fun and interactive application that will bring your friends to you, FindMe is where you want to be.  Be Social. Be Mobile. Be Found. Sigh, no friends or family on my Facebook to track me. If only there was another site out there, say for BlackBerry users like me, where I could socialize……


  • compatible with Facebook
  • no GPS enabled Berry required
  • Go Dark and hide your location


  • cannot find exact location