While many are looking to the future while CES is going on, I can’t help but look back as well. You hear of products being announced officially and unofficially; some stay in the spotlight, while others fade away. I was checking out the blog and going back to CES 2009, when Kevin gave us our first look at Dipdive. Dipdive takes social networking and entertainment and mashes them into an amazing website.

Users can keep tabs on specific channels, upload their own media/blog and gain access to exclusive performances and other content. The mobile app enables you to step away from your computer and hit the streets, the club, the studio or wherever the music takes you. Through the app you can view and share media in a whole new way. Let’s “dipdive” into the review shall we? Heh, like what I did there?

About Dipdive

Dipdive’s application is available on all BlackBerrys running OS 4.6 or higher (with and without touch screen). Support for both the Torch and Storm 2 was announced near the end of November last year. Coincidently, the application was officially announced by Dipdive in November of 2009. Dipdive is known as “A LifeStyle Engine for Music, Arts, Action & More” which was launched October 1st 2007. The current version is 1.11.1 and has a file size of 1.3 MB.

Price: Free

BlackBerry App World Rating: 1/5

Revving the LifeStyle Engine

If you haven’t already created a Dipdive account for yourself, you can do so from within the application. It provides the perfect outlet for social singers, songwriters or even showerhead superstars! You can catch up on artists, stay in touch with friends and even share your own content. I mean, there was a reason your parents made you switch your jam sessions location from your bedroom to the garage; to share your…um…talent...with the world.

When you first launch the Dipdive app, you’ll be able to check out what’s happening out there. From the home screen, you can view the most recent media (such as videos), post and pictures; anything that tickles your fancy. Dipdive gives you the option to view videos in either hi or lo res. I found the videos would take an average of 8 seconds to load. First time viewers will see application permission pop-ups continually generated while streaming videos; until you choose to not be asked again.

Dipdive main menu Dipdive

The more channels you subscribe to, the more content you easily have access to. Dipdive truly wanted to make the most of its mobile experience and they did so by allowing you to explore and subscribe to channels directly from the app, rather than having you head to a computer. Now you don’t have to consistently stare at the home screen; waiting and drooling for new content. The application provides home screen notifications to grab your attention; making sure you don’t spend too much time working, doing homework or something else unimportant.

Dipdive menu options

I could really appreciate not only the amount of content I had access to, but the detail that accompanied said content. You could see the number of views it has received to date, add and read comments, read in-depth descriptions, the date it was added and who the owner/artist is. You can also check out the profiles of fellow Dipdive members to help you stalk- I mean- become a fan of their work; through their profiles, you can learn of their events, links and biography, to name a few.

That’s enough of what others are doing on Dipdive – what can you do from the mobile application? Yes…again besides stalking…

The Dipdive app provides a dropdown menu that enables you to navigate through it as well as through your profile, messages and more. The menu provides a shortcut to your camera, in order to help you capture those spontaneous moments of inspiration, hilarity or mind-blowing performances. You can actually choose to take a picture or use one from your library of engaging, thought provoking works of art you call “one crazy Friday night”. If your Twitter account is linked to your Dipdive account, you will always see the option to Tweet your pictures as you upload them. You can also check out your profile and make updates to your status. Dipdive keeps you up to date on notifications and messages; allowing you to keep up to date on your friends and what they are doing.

Dipdive Profile Dipdive upload

The application makes it very simple to share yourself with the world. You can do so by uploading images, video, audio or even upload/write a blog. Additionally, Dipdive tracks the status of your uploads.


Why wasn’t Dipdive available just over a decade ago?! I could have uploaded all of my performances and photos back then…I could have been a star! Sorry, what I meant to say was that the Dipdive mobile app is just as easy (if not easier) to use to stay connected as their mobile site is. Being able to access your account and upload content, all from your BlackBerry, is crucial to some up and coming stars, or just those who want to check out who may make it big. During an interview with Will.i.am at WES 2010, he said that he had almost no third-party applications installed, save for Dipdive. You can pick up for free from BlackBerry App World.


  • Access to your profile and the profiles of others
  • Stay connected to channels you subscribe to
  • Upload media effortlessly - Tweet pictures


  • Continuous streaming of media may make for heavy use of your data plan

For more information on Dipdive from BlackBerry App World

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