One of the numerous features that I love about BlackBerry OS 6 is the one touch access to the today screen. Before that, users would normally have to choose between a today layout and a zen / dimension type layout. Before OS 6, I was never a fan of the Today layout, as I found it had too much information thrown at you all at once-all to drive you crazy. OS 6 combined it just right: one click let me see what today held and one click swept it away from sight (just before my eye started twitching). As it stands, you gain a view into your messages, upcoming calendar entries and call log. Like any good BlackBerry user you ask yourself, “well, what else can I look at?!” Usually, a developer answers the call.

In this case, OdEve came up with deToday and named it “The Revolutionary Today Screen App”. It was also named a Regional Selection Winner in the 2010 BlackBerry Super Apps Competition. With that much hype, I couldn’t help but take this application for a test drive. Did deToday make my day? Read on to find out.

About deToday

As I mentioned before, deToday was developed by OdEve, who has a dehabit of denaming their deapps with ‘de” in the defront. These apps include deAltSMS, deBattGym and deReset to name a defew. deToday is available for BlackBerrys running OS 4.7 or higher. The most current version of deToday is 2.54.73, which has a file size of 86 KB.

CrackBerry App Store Rating: 5/5

BlackBerry App World Rating: 4/5

Price: Currently $4.99- 15 day free trial available

What deToday does is place a simplified today screen on your background. No call log, no messages, just appointments. Well that isn’t all that it does. I could see recurring, one-time and all-day events. It also provides customization options that allow you to modify font type, size, family, colour and effect. Users can also adjust the positioning of the text until you get it just right. It’s a lot easier than hanging a picture on a wall (no…the other left).

detoday menu deToday options

Background images can also be selected to display when deToday is active. The native today screen limits your view to three calendar events whereas deToday can handles up to 20 – perfect for the BlackBerry social butterfly. Want more event details to be seen? How do start and end times grab you? Or even extend event search to the previous 10 days or the next year? Multiple Calendars can be viewed at once; Facebook, Gmail, BlackBerry Messenger Groups and more.

deToday and BerryWeather

For weather information, deToday integrates well with the ever popular BerryWeather. Customization options include positioning/layout, show location, observed time and the depth of weather information you wish to see. For touch screen BlackBerrys, deToday lists the landscape mode as “alternative view”. I was able to set up a completely different layout for landscape mode if I wanted to; not a bad feature to have, depending on your preferences.

deToday finished product

Privacy might be an issue for you, but deToday can hide your appointments when your BlackBerry is locked. I came to think of the application as a todo list more than an appointment reminder. It all depends on how your use your calendar. The only issue I saw had to do with the background image. While switching between landscape and portrait mode, the image/wallpaper would lose resolution slightly, then correct itself – fairly minor if you ask me.


deToday is right up your alley if you need accessibility when it comes to calendar appointments and weather. With the power to personalize the design, it is definitely your day. The only effort you need to put into this app is the initial setup. Once that is done, deToday melds nicely into your BlackBerry. It’s currently on sale for $4.99 in both the CrackBerry App Store and BlackBerry App World.

More information/download deToday from the CrackBerry App Store

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