Covertec Luxury Case for the BlackBerry Curve

Luxury Nappa leather case, specifically designed to fit your Smartphone Blackberry 8300 Curve

The Covertec Luxury Flip Leather Case for BlackBerry Curve 8330, Curve 8320, Curve 8310, or Curve 8300 is a trendy European designed flip-lid case that looks great and offers solid protection.

With the flip closed, the BlackBerry Curve 8330, Curve 8320, Curve 8310, or Curve 8300 is well protected against accidental drops and bumps. Release the magnetic latch to flip the lid open, and you now have full access to the Curve. On the inside of the flip there is storage for memory cards.

A sturdy swivel belt-clip is included with the case. If you prefer to carry the phone in your pocket, the belt-clip is completely removable.


  • Luxury leather case, beige overstitching
  • Easy access to all functions
  • Convenient: 2 SD/micro SD card slots
  • Secure retractable strap with magnetic button
  • The case is made from high quality, full grain cowskin nappa leather, inner part in heavy duty synthetic material.
Covertec Luxury
What's in the Box!

Covertec Luxury The Covertec is   a horizontal case that clips onto the belt (if you install the belt clip)and cradles the Curve.  The Case is a soft, padded leather.  My test unit was Brown with nice, tan stitching. 

The inside of the case is felt lined to protect the Curve.  The case secures with Covertec’s signature magnetic enclosure – one of the best in the industry. 

The Case is designed to be a very tight fitting case which “breaks in” to the shape of the Curve over time.  When I first took the case out it looked like it wouldn’t close with the Curve inside.  It did close, and in time broke in beautifully.  When you first put the Curve in the Case – be sure to “lock” your keyboard!

The bottom half of the Curve is sort of a leather “harness” with a strip of leather above the trackball and function keys. This isn’t my favorite design because the leather can impede movements upward on the trackball – but, overall – it wasn’t a big deal.

There is a MIcro SD card holder with this case. Actually, two cards can be stored in the little “flap” on the inside top cover of the case.

Fit and Finish
The Covertec case is beautifully made – like all Covertec cases I have seen in the past.  The leather is padded just enough to give the case the feel that it would protect the Curve.   

Covertec Luxury
Looks Good, Smells Great!

The stitching and the feel of the leather makes the Covertec case feel more like a “luxury” case.  It is beautiful to hold and smell.

The Covertec Luxury Case had a good amount of padding in the leather. There is also something firm (most likely cardboard) inside the leather to give it added protection.  Add to that the very secure magnetic enclosure and this is a good, protective case for the Curve. The sides are open – so if your Curve did take a tumble and fall on the side, damage could ensue.

Over all Conclusions
The Covertec Luxury Leather Case is a beautiful case.  It is a good value and is comfortable to wear.  Initially, it was a bit tricky to get the Curve inside.  One glaring omission in the design is there is no hole cut out at the bottom for the Microphone.  While it is easy to just poke a hole in there yourself – Covertec should have thought of this. The Covertec Luxury Leather  Case for the Curve can be found at the CrackBerry Shop for $39.95

Covertec Case Ratings Review Summary:
Covertec Luxury Flip Leather Case for the Curve


  • Great value
  • Beautiful Leather


  • A little tight fitting
  • No hole for Microphone
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