ICE for BlackBerry

Whether you are driving your car, crossing the street, or in the comfort of your own home, emergencies can happen anytime. Speaking from experience, this can be extremely frightening for both the victim and those around them. One of the hardest parts for me was trying to relay vital medical information to the paramedics while panicking. So while browsing through the BlackBerry App World the other day I was relieved to find a free application called In Case of Emergency (I.C.E.) by the Jared Company.

I.C.E. uses your BlackBerry to store critical personal and medical information including name, contact, telephone numbers, blood type, allergies, physician's name and number, medications prescribed, existing medical conditions, and your health insurance provider information. In an emergency, JaredCo's states this application will provide rescuers with what they need by simply clicking on the icon even if you are unable to speak. I can't stress the importance being able to provide paramedics with a medical background. For instance, if a family member is in distress, rather than stare blindly into space trying to remember every medication, this application can instantly access the entire list without wasting valuable time.

If you choose to install this app I recommend placing the icon on your home screen so that it can be easily located. However, while not everyone knows to search a Smartphone for medical information JaredCo sends you an e-mail suggesting you download their wallet card to help paramedics access the file and to write down your BB password if protected. Although in my opinion there should be a way to access while locked so maybe in the next version. For people with medical conditions who may or may not carry medical alert bracelets I find this to be a simple, easy to use application that can be extremely useful in an emergency situation. This should be a must have app on every device.

ICE for BlackBerry


ICE for BlackBerry


  • One-touch, simple-to-access interface (all your data at a touch)
  • Special emergency, red cross icon identifies where data is stored
  • It's quick to load when you and the EMTs need it. It's an EMERGENCY! Seconds count!
  • Downloadable wallet-sized PDF informs medics that I.C.E. is loaded on your BlackBerry® (go to to download)
  • Ideal for seniors and their families, folks with existing medical conditions, patients taking serious meds
  • Even if you or a loved one is unconscious, rescuers have all the information they need at the touch of an icon
  • Delivers peace of mind 24/7/365

In Case of Emergency is supported by all BlackBerry devices and can be downloaded from BlackBerry App World or through the CrackBerry App Store. Storm users will need to disable compatibility mode in Options->Advanced Options->Applications->Highlight EmergencyInfo -> Menu -> Disable Compatibility Mode

  • More information/download of In Case of Emergency >>

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