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To be honest, I'm brutal on my BlackBerrys. They've been dropped in the street and bounced off all kinds of floors. Needless to say I've gone through quite a few since owning the Torch 9800 probably because I am a chronic klutz and hate using pocketbooks. it's a horrible combination but I prefer having my device holstered on my hip then packed away in a bag. While it makes my load lighter it increases the chance of serious injury to my BB. So I went for the case/holster combo.

The Ballistic Endo Case for the Torch 9800/9810 is a tough, durable case that when paired with the holster offers maximum protection for your device. Unlike other cases that use small tabs to adhere to the Torch's slider, this case uses a unique glide rail system. What this means is that it connects to itself, not your device. It's sturdier than other cases whose top cover easily pops off during regular use.

Also, and this could just be me, but I'm always breaking off the tabs that secure the top piece in place. Even though this falls off too, there's nothing to break off and it hasn't cracked yet. I don't have to request a warranty replacement or purchase another case just to replace the broken part. The glide rails are a little stiff (gotta snap it open quick) but I see how this keeps the mechanism safe from wear and tear.

Ballistic Endo Case Holster Clip

While on one hand the case itself is strong and protects against drops and scratches, the holster needs improvement. I've used other holsters before and none of them are as weak as this. It has nothing to do with the strength of the holster but with the hinge that locks in the device. It barely clears the top which causes even the slightest amount of pressure to knock the device out of the belt clip. I don't forsee it lasting after repeated use. 

It adds a bit of heft to the device which all heavy duty cases tend to do. Unlike the Otterbox Commuter Series Case, the back is not sticky or slippery so it stays in your hand with a firm grip. There are openings for all the ports which is great because it prevents it from being too tight but also lets in dust and dirt. I have small fingers and the right convenience key feels a little awkward being partially blocked by the side rails. 

The one thing I asbolutely adore is that there is NO FREEZING. I repeat, this case will not lock up, freeze, or otherwise jam up your device requiring multiple battery pulls to fix. While other cases, like the Seidio Innocase Active, can be too tight and press on the lock button or keyboard this is snug without the hassle. Definitely a huge plus in my book and one I'm sure you'll apprecicate.


  • Glide rail design - makes for easy removal / protects top cover from breaking
  • Firm, non-slip grip due to textured back
  • Easy access to all ports including charger
  • Sleep magnet in holster
  • Strong, durable case
  • Custom fit case that isn't too tight
  • Does not freeze device


  • Clip is weak
  • Boxy design
  • Ports not flush because of rails / no covers
  • Textured bumps need getting used to


Case 4/5 
Holster 3/5 
ShopCrackBerry average rating 3/5


All in all this is a pretty solid case. It has a polycarbonate internal skeleton and is not flimsy at all, so no worries about it shattering into a million pieces when dropped. After a few drop tests (more than what you see above), there was only minimal damage to one corner. Not bad if you ask me. It withstood repeated drops on the ground without cracking or breaking. While it's a little thick around the keyboad it's worth it just for the glide rails alone. This is a great case to add to your collection and one of the top heavy duty cases I've used so far. If they would just improve the holster this would be perfect. 

You can purchase the Ballistic Endo case for just $29.95 (regularly $34.99) at  

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More Photos of the Ballistic Endo Case for the BlackBerry Torch 9800/9810

Ballistic Endo Case


Ballistic Endo Case Textured Back


Ballistic Endo Case Holster