If you are looking for a password manager solution for your BlackBerry, there are a variety of choices out there. A few months ago we reviewed the top-selling applications, including Ascendo’s DataVault. They have since released a major update to the version we reviewed, so we decided to take a fresh look at it. Here is what we found.
Splash Screen
Ascendo Data Vault

When you first start up Ascendo’s DataVault, you will be prompted to enter a new password. Thereafter, you will have to enter this password when you launch the application. You can of course change it at any time. But what if you forget your password? You can reset it, which wipes out all your stored data, but at least you don’t have to uninstall/reinstall everything. On the accompanying desktop application, you can also set a password question/hint as a reminder.
Reset Password
Reset Password

After entering your password the application then takes you directly to your stored data, which you can peruse in List View, or Tree View. List view shows your entries one per line, while tree view shows your entries in a collapsible tree structure, divided by category. I prefer the tree view, but in either mode you can quickly search for a particular item by typing in a few letters of the title you are looking for.
List View Versus Tree View

To add a new item, select “Add Item” from the menu, give it a title, associate it with a category such as business or personal, and then pick a type such as login, or bank account. Then you can enter as many as 10 labels along with corresponding values for your new item. A login item for example might have three labels called Username, Password, and URL with corresponding values. There are included templates for the most common types of items you will need to create.
Add New Item
Add New Item

You can associate an icon with each entry, and there are a plethora to choose from.
Changing Icons
Changing Icons

DataVault comes with desktop PC component for managing passwords. The desktop portion can function as a convenient stand alone application for managing passwords, but it also synchronizes with the handheld application through the RIM Desktop Manager. The desktop DataVault does some cool things, such as when you log in to a web site on your PC, you can right-click on a password entry field to launch DataVault and create a new item for that login.

DataVault Desktop Component

With their new version of DataVault, Ascendo has really upped the bar for password manager solutions. This is a great application that is full-featured and easy to use. There is a special upgrade price for previous customers .

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