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The cup holder in my old vehicle was the battleground between my BlackBerry smartphone and whatever drink I wanted to consume. The battles were fierce and the victor was rarely the same twice. The problem was almost solved with the new vehicle, as my device can now choose between 4 cup holders. Now I say almost solved because of on little teeny tiny fact: legality. Like most places, it’s illegal to use/hold an “electronic device” while driving here. I was already a Bluetooth veteran, but I was getting tired of having my BlackBerry smartphone tucked away; especially when I wanted to use the GPS. There’s quite of few car mounts on the market, which one do I choose?

The Arkon CM910 Vehicle Mount Kit and Universal Holder is one of the options available. This car mount helps keep your BlackBerry smartphone close at hand in 3 different ways – from your windshield, air vent or dash. While it has the word universal in the name, it may not be the perfect fit for every BlackBerry. Read on for more.

So here is what you receive when you purchase the Arkon CM910:

  • Cradle
  • Vent Mount Assembly
  • Windshield Mount Pedestal
  • Console/Dash Adhesive Disc – to use in conjunction with the Windshield Mount Pedestal
  • Alcohol Pad

I will never let you go...

Its loving, yet forceful grip is what keeps your BlackBerry smartphone from crashing to the floor of your car. The “feet” that your phone sits on, as well as the adjustable side grips, are padded to prevent scratches. This cradle snaps easily, yet securely into each of the mounting attachments. All you have to do it squeeze the side grips in place. The cradle has a button that offers a spring loaded quick release. The grip it had, if not adjusted properly, took on a Darth Vader feel, as my BlackBerry would sometimes become unresponsive until I released it from its grasp. You might say one could find my lack of faith (in the cradle) disturbing. Too much? Sorry.. I believe that this was because the grips would continuously press on the volume and convenience keys on the left side.

Speaking of the side grips, you may notice that the style of grips differ that what you would see from the stock photos at the CrackBerry Store. The one I had sported a cut out on either grip- perfect to support plugging in a car charger into most models of BlackBerry. The charging port on my Torch was blocked, this meant I had to either return my BlackBerry to it’s old cup holder home or .

As it stands...get it?

As far as the mounts go, I was able to use two out of the three options. The dash/console mount was unusable, unless I want to stretch all the way over to the passenger side while driving. This all depends on the type of vehicle you have, as it would have worked in my old car. The vent mount put my BlackBerry in a good angle, but would shake like crazy when going over rough roads or even a speed bump. If knocked, it can also become detached from the vent and fall to the floor. I took a corner a little sharp and both my BlackBerry and the vent assembly ended up on the far passenger side.

The best option I’ve tried so far is the windshield mount. Holy Hoover that thing has suction! I’ve had it stuck to my windshield for a while and have yet to see it fall. The adjustable arm is quite stiff, allowing you to position it and feel confident that it won’t let you, or your BlackBerry down. It provided me the prefect access to my BlackBerry and allowing me to use GPS and manage my calls.


I think the universal part handles the basics – meaning that it makes sure it acts as a simple cradle. The 9800 didn’t get to benefit from all of the features, but the Akron CM910 worked perfectly when I tried it with a 9780 and a 9300. The windshield mount worked best for me, but of course that is dependant on the type of vehicle I’m driving. Others may find the dash mount to be the best option. The Arkon CM910 is available from the CrackBerry Store for $29.95

Contest Want to win an Arkon CM910 of your own? Leave a comment on this post to be entered. In your comment, let us know why you need it? What horror stories have you had with your car and BlackBerry? Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. One of you will win this case straight from ShopCrackBerry.com. Only one comment per entry please.

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