When it comes to cases, I’ve owned my fair share. In one way or another, a day does not go by where my BlackBerry Bold 9900 doesn’t find some way of falling to the floor, concrete or carpeting. Personally, I prefer full body heavy duty protection because my accidental drops and falls leave more than just a scratch. Even if it adds extra weight, the tradeoff is worth it as it provides protection without sacrificing functionality.

This time I put the Amzer Hybrid Case through my own personal stress test. For those looking for a more durable accessory to keep their BlackBerry Bold safe from the daily grind continue reading to see how it holds up.


As with other cases in this class, it offers two layers of protection. The first being a silicone layer that is noticeable thicker than with other dual layer cases. I found it be to be strong enough to be a case in its own right and one that wouldn’t tear easily. It also provides covers for the headphone jack and charging port.

The outer is an impact resistant hard shell that goes over the inner layer. All of the ports and buttons line up perfectly and respond instantly to the slightest touch and there are no issues when using buttons or when plugging in charger.

  • Rugged look and texture
  • Precise cutouts
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Rubberized texture adds grip
  • Silicone skin combined with plastic skeleton


In my experience, the most difficult part of using dual layer cases is being able to place the outer shell on without bunching up or dislodging the silicone layer. With the Amzer case I found no such problem whatsoever and found the inner layer stayed absolutely still without requiring manipulation to stay in place because of its mass. Removing is just as easy and I must say the outer shell didn’t crack as with other cases I’ve owned.

Design and Protection

Over the years there isn’t one person I’ve come across who hasn’t dropped their BlackBerry or other smartphone at least once. That is part of the reason why I tend to lean towards more durable and solid accessories and I have a couple of cracked screens as proof that I need them. Once your device is in the case it is considerably heavier but not in an uncomfortable way. Rugged cases tend to feel boxy and bulky but the Amzer balances its extra weight to provide a firm grip and lightweight feel in your hands.One thing I should note is how it feels while making calls. I don't always carry a Bluetooth headset with me but the hybrid case makes it comfortable to hold. In addition, the textured and reinforced back prevents it from sliding on various surfaces as well as absorbing the shock from slips and falls.

With each of my cases I have a list of expectations they need to meet. They must survive my chronic klutziness, access all the ports without difficulty, be tight but not too tight that the device locks up, and allow for easy and repeated removals for a battery pull. The Amzer passes all of these tests with flying colors. There is one issue and that it is not compatible with my Seidio holster. Not a deal breaker mind you but an annoyance nonetheless that is more than made up for with the level of protection.

Drop Test

The rugged design of the Amzer holds up well with being dropped from various distances onto the ground. I was surprised to see how well it held up with each fall without even a dent or scratch. While I didn't to extreme measures to see how it fares, I can attest that it withstands the grind of daily use without even showing a mark of wear and tear.

The Good

  • Impact resistance
  • Durable, sturdy and well-built design
  • Solid grip / feels good in your hands
  • Doesn’t attract excess dirt / fingerprints
  • Back provides traction so it doesn’t slide on surfaces

The Bad

  • Adds extra weight
  • Not compatible with holster
The Bottom Line

With the Amzer Hybrid Case, you know that your device is completely locked down and nothing will be able to break through to cause it harm. If you want total body protection than Amzer gets the job done. It's one case that outlasts any other in my collection and I’ve gone through more than I care to admit. While some may find the extra bulk and weight to detract from the lightweight feel of the BlackBerry Bold, the added protection is more than worth it. You can find the dual layer case at ShopCrackBerry.com for a reasonable price of $19.99 MSRP. For anyone looking for maximum protection at a bargain this is the one to purchase.