It's puzzle time again with Revealed for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones. This one is going to have your brain working overtime and best of all - the game is free to download.

The idea of Revealed it to identify the image which is hidden beneath the onscreen grid. Depending on the level, you are given a certain amount of squares on the grid which you can 'reveal'. Under the grid are a selection of letters of which contain the answer and it's just a case of tapping on them in order to guess the name of the image.

A simple concept, yet the game not only has a beautiful user interface, but is also super challenging. As you progress through the levels you will win coins which you can use for hints and tips. With over 300 images, and more added regularly, this one is certainly going to keep many of you entertained (or frustrated) for hours on end. In true puzzle style game fashion I'm not very good but I suspect this one will be a huge hit in BlackBerry World.

So whether you are rocking the BlackBerry Z10, Q10 or Q5 go and check this one out. It's quite a beauty.

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