Retro Runners, which at the time of writing this, is available for just the BlackBerry Z10 mixes old school 8-bit graphics with new modern, fast paced gaming action. This one is all about getting as far as you can, collecting coins and jumping over hurdles - and it's quite a beauty. 

Controlling your character is done using both sides of the BlackBerry display. From the left side you swipe to move your runner between the three lanes of the track - and then over on the right is where you tap to make him jump. 

To make things just a little harder you need to ensure that your runner stays hydrated. You'll notice a water level bar on the left of the display and as you run along the track there will randomly be guys ready to hand you a bottle of refreshing water. 

As well as having to maneuver over the hurdles and avoiding water hazards, you'll also find other runners on the track. Bumping into one of these will end your game so you've got to have ninja like reflexes as the levels get harder. If you do fail you will have the opportunity to carry on by tapping the heart icon. These hearts can be bought with the coins you collect and you'll also find them periodically in the game where you'll need to jump for them. 

All in all Retro Runners is a super game and one that will be staying on my BlackBerry. Priced at £0.75/$0.99 it also won't break the bank. 

Full features of the game include:

  • 10 incredible characters with unique skills and features! 
  • Endless race! How long can you survive? 
  • Complete the missions to earn coins and unlock characters! 
  • Run away from the paparazzi!

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