A while back in the BlackBerry App Roundup I highlighted a GPS tracker to log your activities such as hiking, walking, and biking called GPS Tracker: Retrace. It was simple, effective and got the job done with respects to logging. Since that time the developer incorporated several new changes and features in Retrace including those suggested by users.

This latest version, which now stands at, is actually a complete rewrite of the application. Not only does it reflect the new BlackBerry 10.3 visual style but boasts improved performance, the ability to retrace old routes, adding waypoints, tracking specific activities, and calorie tracking.

Complete change log since first version

  • The primary activity can now be specified (e.g., run, bike, walk, etc.)
  • Calorie tracking (using primary activity)
  • Visual refresh showing primary activity icons throughout the app
  • End track confirmation
  • Backup tracks are written when the battery runs low to avoid data loss
  • Much more information is shown about tracks in the list view
  • More descriptive GPS status messages
  • New Help / Permissions description page has been added
  • Long track titles now supported without wrapping
  • The ability to resume track if Retrace is quit without saving
  • Tracks can now be uploaded to RideWithGPS (keep those suggestions coming!)
  • The elevation view is now interactive (supports scrubbing)
  • More descriptive permissions warnings
  • 'No Data' mode for when you are roaming on vacation
  • 'Keep Awake' option if you want to keep the screen awake (e.g., on a bike)
  • Elevation and speed units are now independent
  • Alternate grid units are supported (UTM/UK/HH'MM"SS/DMS)
  • Nautical units can be specified (knots/nautical miles)

With each update the application has only gotten better. The one thing I immediately noticed is how fast and responsive it is compared to the original version I reviewed. Retrace helps motivate you, displays elevation changes, shows your location on the map, and allows you to disable data usage to avoid charges. It is compatible with all BlackBerry 10 handhelds and is $4.99.

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