Hello again readers! Dear Berry is here once again with a mailbag full of BlackBerry questions and woes. Today's question comes from a reader who asks:

I'm having an issue with the new OS leak so I  downgraded back to my carrier's stock OS. BlackBerry Link is giving me an error message that it cannot restore data as the backup was created with a higher version of the OS. Can you please help?

Each time a leak is released, we all would like a way to seamlessly transfer our information. If you are switching devices or happen to downgrade from a leak to an official version and encounter issues, keep these instructinos handy for future reference if you happen to experience an issue with BlackBerry Link.

After searching through various forum posts and a suggestion from a BBM Group, there is a modification you can do on your computer that will essentially correct this error message. Thanks SCrid2000!

Please note that for this example, all the screenshots were taken with a Windows computer. In addition, please proceed with caution as this might cause conflicts or corrupt your data.

  1. Install BlackBerry Link and make sure you download and install a compatible archive management software program (i.e. WinRAR or 7-Zip), though for this tutorial I will use 7-zip.
  2. Follow the steps to backup your device using BlackBerry Link 
  3. Once that is complete, navigate to the path/folder where you directed Link to save your backup files in Windows Explorer (or Finder on MAC). In this folder you are presented with all of your backup databases, each one denoted by a .bbb file extension.
  4. Right mouse click on the backup file you wish to modify for older firmware version and extract the contents, using one of the unzip programs mentioned above, to a new folder.

  1. In this new folder should be a file with the name Manifest.xml.
  2. Right mouse click on this file and "open with" a text editor of your choice (i.e. Wordpad, Notepad, or Notepad++). 
  3. Within this file, search for the line/string that says <Platform type="QNX" version=""/>. Though yours may and will be different than the one shown for me. Keep in mind this is the OS version, not the software release number you are entering.

  1. Now this is the part where you have to be careful. In this field, replace the firmware/OS version to the version of the one you are downgrading to. In this case it would be Again, editing or modifying any other part of this file may cause your restore to fail so please be careful.
  2. Save your changes 
  3. Select all of the files in the folder, and using a zip program, add them to a new .zip archive folder

  1. Locate the new archive file and right mouse click and select rename, be sure file extensions are visible, and change the .zip to a .bbb
  2. If not already placed there, make sure the archive file is in the /Backup directory
  3. Using BlackBerry Link, select this newly created file and restore it

Once it has been restored and loads to the home screen you should be good to go. If you have any questions please hit up the forums link below.

Restoring a backup after downgrading your OS thread

See you next time!

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