This isn't a typical Tuesday morning blog post, but it's one that has to be made. It is with sadness I bring news that Don LaFontaine, legendary voiceover artist, passed away on Monday at the age of 68.

Anybody who has ever listened to a Podcast will know all about Don. Since Episode 001, not a show has gone by where Craig (Don's biggest fan) or I have not made mention of him. We were actually hoping to have the "King of Voiceovers" record all of the sound bytes for the show, but Don's health struggles of the past few months prevented him from doing so. We do have an awesome clip of Don saying "" that we will continue to cherish (listen/download here).

The video above provides a great look at Don LaFontaine, while the video after the jump (5 Guys in a Limo) portrays a hilarious Don LaFontaine at the top of his game. RIP Don. You are the man.

CrackBerry Podcast note: In regards to podcasts, with September now here Craig and I will be returning to a regular weekly schedule. Big thanks to our regular listeners for the patience over the summer months while our recording schedule was all over the place and a little on the lacking side. Talk to you all soon!