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Capcom is giving Apple users an early Christmas gift! Resident Evil 4 will be released on iPhone 15 Pro, iPad, and Mac on Dec 20, 2023.

Forget elves in workshops in the North Pole. This holiday season you'll be fighting zombies and chainsaw-swinging monsters in a rural Spanish village! This title that first made its appearance on Nintendo GameCube was remastered and released in spring of 2023. Now it's making it's way to Apple devices so you came take the horror franchise to your holiday gatherings!

Built with Capcom's Re Engine and running on Apple silicon, Resident Evil 4 supports features like MetalFX upscaling to enhance the visuals from the 2005 title. If you held out on buying it console or PC, maybe the portability of iPhone and iPad will make you consider picking up Resident Evil 4 to experience the enhanced graphics.

To play Resident Evil 4 on your iPhone, you'll need the 15 Pro or Pro Max, as the graphics capabilities rely on the A17 Pro chip. iPads and Macs with the M1 chip or later will also be capable of handling this much-loved survival horror title.

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For a new experience, Separate Ways, a DLC pack, will launch alongside the main title following the story of Ada Wong taking on a side mission and adding an adventurous twist to the classic story of Resident Evil 4.

With the recent launch of Resident Evil village on Apple devices in late October and the title opportunities made available through the M3 chip that hit iMacs and MacBook Pros in November, Apple is stepping up its presence in the gaming space.

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Source: Capcom

Resident Evil 4 is available for pre-order now through the app store. Will you be picking up this title when it comes out Dec 20th? Or do you want to leave the nostalgic memories in the GameCube era and tackle something else from your backlog of games? Let us know your thoughts on Resident Evil 4 coming to Apple devices.

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