Research In Motion

After a twelve year career at Research In Motion, Chief Legal Officer Karima Bawa is retiring. Karima has been with RIM since 2000 and has not only litigated numerous patent disputes she's helped write many of the company's commercial deals. This decision hasn't come suddenly, as the executive has been in talks with RIM for some time planning her retirement and plans to stay on until her replacement has been found and trained.

A lot of other sites are reporting that Karima Bawa is quitting, and words like "parade of resignations" and "revolving door" are being tossed around. However, after being with Research In Motion for 12 years and her retirement being planned for some time now, it doesn't really seem that Ms. Bawa is bailing on the company. As far as other recent employees that have left RIM for one reason or another, as Chris Umiastowski pointed out earlier today, layoffs and staff changes suck, but they are also necessary as companies grow, transition, and realign.

Source: Reuters

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