RIM to Set Up R&D Facility in Bochum, GermanyAccording to an article published in Forbes this morning, Research in Motion is planning to set-up an R&D facility in the Bochum, Germany. According to the source, RIM plans to bring 300 Research & Development jobs to the Bocum region.

It sounds like Forbes contacted the company, and a spokesman told the magazine RIM plans to open an R&D centre in Europe, with Bochum being an 'interesting option'. He did not confirm the planned location.

Bochum's industry took a hit in January when mobile phone maker Nokia said it will close its plant in Bochum this summer because it is too expensive to operate there.

I'm pretty pumped by this news. German-engineering always gets respect. Just look at the performance of the BMW-Sauber Formula 1 team this year (currently #1 in the constructors championship)... you just can't argue with their gains in performance! 

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