BlackBerry App World Loading Up On Themes

We've known for quite some time now that themes were to be arriving in BlackBerry App World. The news came actually came along with the announcement of Theme Builder 5.0 at the BlackBerry Developer Conference but was kind of overshadowed by its release. Research In Motion is now ramping up the process and has started letting developers know their offerings have began to be loaded up and are ready to roll.

At this time it seems themes have been loaded in no particular order and theme developers are being alerted they need to login and categorize their themes under the most fitting sections. You can expect a full roll out by December 14th, if not sooner. Some themes are already popping up among the different categories. Maybe Research In Motion will put a few in the new test center for us as well. What do you all think? Will themes in BlackBerry App World take off or does it seem like with so many themes out there, it'll just make App World messy? 

[ Thanks, Alex ]