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According to sources familiar with the matter, Research In Motion is looking into selling NewBay and other minor assets purchased over the last couple of years. NewBay develops software for use on mobile phones which enables users to create and share digital content such as pictures and videos, as well as updating social networks. RIM purchased NewBay in October of 2011 in a $100 million deal with intentions of keeping the software development center and its staff of 200 in Dublin.

While the possible sale of the cloud services company leads to rumors of RIM abandoning that sort of service altogether, it is more likely that they have decided on a different solution and no longer have a need for NewBay. Over in the forums conversation is brewing about the rumor with people on either side of the debate. While CrackBerry member D_March says "There are tons of cloud services to use. They don't need to own one", member Darlaten is curious how security would measure up to BlackBerry standards. "I have to know that they have uncompromised security and quite frankly have security as their number one priority. At the moment, outside of RIM, I simply dont trust anyone else's security. "

Of course, at this time, the possibility of a sale of NewBay is nothing more than a rumor, as RIM has declined to comment on the speculation. What do you think RIM should do regarding cloud services/storage for BlackBerry 10? Should they be working on developing their own solution, or would a 3rd party solution be adequate? Let us know in the comments, or join in the conversation at the link below.

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